And the Pantone Color of the Year Is…Radiant Orchid

December 19, 2013

And the Pantone Color of the Year Is…Radiant Orchid

It’s been a nice ride, Emerald, but there’s a new Pantone Color of the Year in town. And despite its sort of meh name, Radiant Orchid is pretty fantastic. A rich, warm purple with fuchsia and pink undertones, it’s an eye-catching shade that’s perfectly appropriate all year long.

Even if you’re anti-purple, which– disclaimer –I kind of am, there are plenty of reasons to love this sweet shade. The biggest selling point, though, is that Radiant Orchid works easily into lots of different color palettes. Follow the advice from experts at Pantone and pair it with greens, like olive and deep hunter; blues, like turquoise and teal; and bright yellows, although I think lavender or mint green could work well, too. Or, use it as an accent color to jazz up neutrals like gray, taupe, beige and greige.

Already swooning over the hue? You’re in luck. Once Pantone anoints its annual color, it pops up in stores faster than a red carpet-dress knockoff. Already, there are lots of great finds available — here are some of my favorites.


Bedding: Linens, pillows and throws are a natural place to try out a new trend or color. Spruce up your room with this funny throw pillow from Olly Moss or a sweetly retro one from Steve Madden.

Purple Lampshades

Lighting: A few well-chosen lamps can pep up any space. If your room is sleek and sophisticated, opt for something monochromatic, like this vibrant purple beauty. For something more whimsical and casual, try a colorful pattern. This purple ikat shade elevates an ordinary white table lamp into a focal point.

Purple Accents

Statement Makers: For extra sizzle, throw down a graphic area rug (this monochromatic one from Loloi could work as a neutral). Or hang floor-length purple window panels; the sheer fabric of these will keep the color from overpowering your room.

Orchid Elements

All Things Orchid: If you prefer the actual flower over the color it inspired, invest in pieces that show off the orchid in all its glory (and are impossible to kill!). This mini arrangement looks as good as the real thing and would be perfect for brightening up a smaller area, like an entryway or guest room nightstand. For something more dramatic, pick up a pair of these decorative screens — they can double as a room divider in a pinch.

Bonnie Gibbs-Vengrow

What do you think of Radiant Orchid? Will you incorporate it into your decorations?


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