5 Questions for: Trina Turk

January 01, 2014

5 Questions for: Trina Turk

There’s something about the bright energy in Trina Turk’s designs that makes her a perfect fit for a New Year’s Day interview. So when we had a chance to ask this multi-talented designer, who’s known for fashion as well as her beautiful collection here at Bed Bath & Beyond, about what inspires her–we jumped at it. Here’s what we learned.

If you had to tweet your design philosophy, what would your tweet say? (140 characters or less—we’re counting!)

TT is California Modern: bold prints, vibrant color, optimistic living.

Tell us about your designs for Bed Bath & Beyond—how do they reflect the way you live in your own home?

The colors, prints, and patterns reflect the natural beauty and indoor/outdoor lifestyle of California: The brilliant color of a desert sunset; shades of blue and turquoise reminiscent of vivid skies, ubiquitous swimming pools, and the Pacific Coast; and the yellow of sunlight. I equate color and pattern to optimism, so both are included in my home. I’m just not content to be surrounded by beige!

What inspires you right now, and what do you think is coming up next?

I’m inspired by California’s modern, multicultural mix, so a fresh interpretation of ethnic prints or paisleys might be in the future.

Aside from your own designs, which Bed Bath & Beyond products do you buy, and how do they mesh with your point of view?

I’m a modernist at heart, so I gravitate toward good clean design, like the Joseph Joseph multicolor nesting bowls, and the OXO kitchen utensils and salad spinners.   The colors and simplicity of these products reflect our approach to fashion design—let the fabric speak for itself in a clean, flattering silhouette.

What’s one piece of advice that you wish you could give to anyone who is [decorating or entertaining] in the New Year?

Don’t be afraid of a little color!

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