Don’t Need It But Want It – Decorative Accents

January 10, 2014

Don’t Need It But Want It – Decorative Accents

Now that I’ve got a stack of gift cards (thank you, holidays) I should be using them towards things I need (ahem, a hand vac). Instead, I’ve decided to peruse the decorative accents. Do I really need another vase or figurine? Of course not. But here are a few I can’t stop dreaming about.

Decorative Tin Containers 


I’m a huge sucker for anything that looks like a flea market find. And boy, do these tins fit the bill. They can be used to store office supplies, bathroom extras (cotton balls, hair accessories) or just set out on a shelf to look pretty.

Natural History Vintage Lodge Wooden Tray


This nifty tray caught my eye for two reasons. One: I love it’s vintage vibe (see above comment on flea markets). Two: It’s dual purpose (breakfast carrier bed, table decoration) means you don’t have to feel as guilty about indulging.

Bamboo Circles Decorative Wall Panel


Not only does Jeffan International’s panel solve the bare wall dilemma, but its unique construction (circular bamboo pieces strung with coconut fiber strings) is a real conversation starter.

Black Wall Cubes


Since my gardening abilities are questionable at best, I recently delved into the world of succulents (they seem impossible to kill). Currently, they’re displayed on the window sill, but I think they’d look even better inside these wooden wall cubes. Don’t you?

Table Top Welcome Sign


I must have cabin fever (see the above rustic tray), but I can’t get over how adorable this wooden welcome sign is.  It would look just as fantastic greeting guests in the front hall, as it would resting on the mantle. And depending on your decor, you may be able to get away with displaying it year round.

Megan Mostyn-Brown

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