Hello, Mother Nature: Bringing the Outdoors Into Your Home Decor

January 09, 2014

Hello, Mother Nature: Bringing the Outdoors Into Your Home Decor

Tis the season to bring the great outdoors inside your home

An art teacher of mine used to say that Mother Nature makes the most perfect color combinations. It’s no wonder, then, that we’ve been trying to bring the great outdoors into our homes for a while now. Natural textures and objects don’t just look good inside — they also give a room warmth and texture, can be calming and soothing to look at, and do a terrific job curing dead-of-winter blues.

Here are five easy, creative ways to try out this trend.

Mini Gardens

minigardenI’ve got one word for you: succulents. They’re adorable, small and utterly forgiving if you forget to water them for a while. They also work in virtually any container, anywhere there’s plenty of direct sun: nestled inside of a half clam shell, circling a wreath, even arranged as a vertical garden and hung on a wall. If succulents aren’t your thing, try filling a cloche terrarium with your favorite humidity-loving plants, like ferns and mosses, along with some rocks, feathers, or branches.

Natural Elements


Have a brown thumb? Sprinkle natural elements throughout the house instead. Some ideas: Use those geodes you picked up on vacation as beautiful bookends. Pull out your loveliest bowl and fill it with rocks, pine cones, sea shells–whatever is readily available. Fill a tall vase with a small bouquet of similar-sized branches from the yard for a pretty, understated centerpiece. Group a few rustic frames together, or freshen up a room with a durable, natural jute area rug.

Faux Bois


This wood grain-inspired pattern looks almost as good as the real thing. And since faux bois is seriously on-trend, you’ll see it on everything from gorgeous guest-worthy napkins to a go-with-anything shower curtain. Bedding and throw pillows are also a fun way to experiment with faux bois; I’m loving this abstract duvet cover from Kenneth Cole. (Want to try your hand at DIY-ing it? Check out this helpful tutorial from Little Green Notebook.)

Wall Decor


Deck your walls with some of Mother Nature’s finest offerings. A large-scale photograph of soaring tree limbs or a close-up of an intricate bouquet adds a dramatic touch to a room and is an easy DIY project, if you’re a halfway decent photographer. If you’re not, there’s plenty of outdoor-inspired art out there. Or, get the same effect with a mirror like this one — the frame is made of banana bark.


lamps nature

If you want to really make a statement, consider going with nature-inspired lightning. Styles run the gamut from simple stone pendants to eye-catching chandeliers  and lamps.

 Bonnie Gibbs-Vengrow

What’s your favorite way to bring the outdoors into your interiors?

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