5 Questions for Dransfield & Ross

February 05, 2014 1

5 Questions for Dransfield & Ross

What do you get when a fashion designer and a textile designer join creative forces? If the designers in question are John Dransfield and Geoffrey Ross, you get Upstairs by Dransfield & Ross, an exclusive (and gorgeous) collection of linens available only at Bed Bath & Beyond. We caught up with the design duo to find out a little more about the bedding they’ve created, and about their secrets for keeping a home’s look fresh and exciting.

If you had to tweet your design philosophy, what would your tweet say? (140 characters or less—we’re counting!)

Distilling our inspiration to one strong idea per collection and making sure the design is something we would incorporate into our own home.

Tell us about your designs for Bed Bath & Beyond—how do they reflect the way you live in your own home?

Well that’s a funny question for us, because we share our home with our great dane, India, so easy care is important!  Besides, as designers, we are exposed to seeing a lot more product that the average consumer, so our designs have to be able to hold our attention yet be easy to live with.  We like to switch out our bedding to change the mood of the room so fortunately we will have a place for each of our new collections at Bed Bath & Beyond.

What inspires you right now, and what do you think is coming up next?

We see a resurgence of Asian-inspired design. I think we will be interpreting it in a more ironic and less iconic sort of way.  There is a continuation of artisanal design. As our world becomes increasingly tech-focused, the counter-trend is handmade and crafted. It’s a way of feeling more connected to humanity.

Aside from your own designs, which Bed Bath & Beyond products do you buy, and how do they mesh with your point of view? 

We love the range of colors in all the basic sheet and towel collections.  We know if there is a specific color we are looking for in a bath towel, Bed Bath & Beyond is our go-to source.  Of course we love to cook, so the breadth of what’s available to the home chef is always inspiring.  We also love to mix it up when we are setting the table, so there are always attractive, moderately priced glassware and flatware to mix with our antique dinnerware.

What’s one piece of advice that you wish you could give to anyone who is decorating?    

We can’t give just one, how about two?…#1: Buy the best quality you can afford, it will serve you well in the long run and …#2: Don’t be afraid to take risks with your decorating choices, a four-dollar can of spray paint is a designer’s best friend for introducing an unexpected shot in the arm to a dated color scheme. We have a console at home that must have twenty different coats of spray paint. One day, we’ll have it stripped and start all over again!

 Jen Dennis


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