Spare No Expense, Spoil Your Cat

February 26, 2014 3

Spare No Expense, Spoil Your Cat

Cat nip? A food dish? Those are accessories for amateur pet owners. You want your kitty sitting pretty and you aren’t afraid to totally spoil her in the process. We give you the scoop (pun intended) on a few over-the-top products for your favorite feline.

John Paul Pet Oatmeal Hair Care Products


Treat your cat’s fur to the same high quality care as your own locks with a cleanser and conditioner set from the co-founder of Paul Mitchell. Both products are specially formulated to soothe sensitive skin and give your kitty’s coat a healthy glow thanks to a gentle mix of pure oatmeal, sweet almond oil and aloe vera gel. Sounds purrrr-fec

Comfort Cooling Gel Pet Mats2756613240027m

If your cat gets cold in the winter, she’s most certainly going to sweat it out during the dog days of summer, especially if your home doesn’t have central air. Keep her cool as a cucumber with one of these ingenious mats. No refrigeration necessary as the mat’s gel interior automatically feels cooler than your cat’s body temperature.

K&H Deluxe Kitty Sill with Bolster


Like most felines, your cat loves to laze about in the window sill watching birds and catching a few rays. Turn her favorite spot into a plush perch with this microfleece kitty sill. She’ll love the upgrade and you’ll appreciate how easy it is to mount and clean. Win-win.

Kittyscape™ Cat Play Structure


Not only does this play structure give your cat a hot spot to scratch, bat, climb and perch but its platforms are easy to adjust to fit your cat’s needs. This means that as your feline ages you can lower the platforms so she can easily hop from one to the next without hurting herself.

LAZYBONEZZ™ The Metropolitan Pet Bunk Beds


Living in a house with more than one cat? Give them the royal treatment with a set of bunkbeds. Just under two feet high, this posh pet sleeper is oh-so-over-the-top without taking up the entire room. Plus the zebra print cushion shows off your kitty’s wild side. Meow!

Megan Mostyn-Brown

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  1. Was interested in pet bed warmer you had listed on this site. Clicked on it and it was NOT available. Why would you advertise something you don’t have?

    - Janice
    1. Hi Janice. We are so sorry to hear of the difficulties you have encountered. We were having issues on our website but would like to advise that they have now been resolved. Please feel free to go ahead and add this item to your cart. Hope your pet enjoys it!

      - Above and Beyond Customer Service
  2. I just LOVE the bunk beds!! I just have my 1 feline baby but I think it’d be super cute(and handy) to use one of the beds as a toy holder and, of course, the top as the bed!

    - Stephanie

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