5 Questions for Tracy Porter

March 26, 2014

5 Questions for Tracy Porter

The beauty of Tracy Porter’s Poetic Wanderlust products at Bed Bath & Beyond is in the rich and elegant way they incorporate color and texture, creating an overall mood that somehow fits with decor styles running the gamut from  textured bohemian to more modern, minimalist chic.

We asked Tracy our fave five questions, to get a little insight on what inspires her. Here’s what we discovered.

If you had to tweet your design philosophy, what would your tweet say? (140 characters or less—we’re counting!)

My design philosophy has always been…to stay open to every delight, whim and fancy!

Tell us about your designs for Bed Bath & Beyond—how do they reflect the way you live and entertain in your own home?

Our lifestyle has always driven my design process, so my designs for Bed Bath & Beyond are inspired by the lifestyle my husband and I have created with our four young boys and menagerie of animals in the bucolic California countryside. I see our home, our ranch, and the way we entertain–the colors, textures, patterns, and layers we explore–as enchanting pieces in the kaleidoscope of life!

Our designs, and the way we live, are modern and soulful, adventurous, vintage-inspired…all kissed with a bit of bohemian elegance. What gives every piece I create its signature alchemy is that I always find a similar contrast, a sense of the high and the low–the surprise–in a design.

What inspires you right now, and what do you think is coming up next?

I love how design and technology are allowing me to create at a higher level than I have ever been able to before. I feel like my creative spirit is soaring!

I use nature as my starting point. I adore mixing it with folkloric and well-traveled looks. They have always been part of my signature, and really where I began my love affair with design.

I am inspired to create designs that feel like the actual human touch and age have been involved in their  creation–this is where I see layers of soulfulness. I am ever motivated to find new ways to design and to collage. It’s really a constant process of awakening, exploring, and seeking goodness and beauty everywhere you look.

Aside from your own designs, which Bed Bath & Beyond products do you buy, and how do they mesh with your point of view?

Bed Bath & Beyond has been a great resource for our family for years! Since we entertain a lot and have four boys we are either online shopping or popping into the stores monthly for a range of goods! From our bathrooms to our bedrooms, our kitchen to our laundry room, BB & B always seems to have the mix of things that allows our home to feel inspired and still functional.

What’s one piece of advice that you wish you could give to anyone who is decorating or entertaining?

I would encourage anyone who is decorating or entertaining to add some soulful enchantment to your space or moment. Liberating pops of color, layers of light, textures from metals to velvets to linens, mixed patterns that might include mini-prints as well as untamed nature inspired bold graphics.

Global inspired accents and a bit of vintage flair add that layer of time and travel that is essential as well. For me…soulful look is one that feels gathered over time and full of heart and spirit.

Jen Dennis

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