Avoid Wedding Registry Regrets

March 12, 2014

Avoid Wedding Registry Regrets

Getting married is an exciting experience, but it can be a little overwhelming. The same can be said for selecting items for your wedding registry. While there are some things you definitely know you need, there are others you may be on the fence about. And there may even be a few you’d love that you haven’t even considered yet. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to know now what others wished they had added to their lists? Here are some items that you should consider and one that you may want to skip!

Fine china

Registering for fine china may seem so old fashioned. Why do you need fancy place settings for 12 when there are only two of you? But one of the biggest registry regrets is not thinking long-term. While you may live in a small condo now and head to your family’s place for major holidays, chances are it won’t always be that way.

Because fine china is better quality (it’s more durable than earthenware or stoneware and less likely to break or chip), it can be pricey, so registering for it now is a great idea. Family members can team up to buy you a set. If you wait until you host Thanksgiving five years from now, it will cost you a pretty penny to buy the place settings, serving platters, and serving bowls, not to mention the gravy boat! 


While we love a Swiffer for quick cleaning, it isn’t always going to cut it. Deep cleaning and carpets call for a vacuum. And one thing most singles don’t have yet is, you guessed it, a good vacuum. Plus, vacuums now come with specific settings to clean up after pets, and so forth, so you can pick yours depending on your needs. Adding a powerful vacuum to your wish list is a good idea. It will last you for years to come.

Set of high quality knives

Another pick that you may have thought you wanted to skip is a set of high quality knives. But think again! Whether you’re a budding chef or newbie in the kitchen, a sharp set of knives is a valuable kitchen must-have. You’ll be using them almost every day, so it’ll be a wedding gift you will appreciate year-round. In addition, most high-quality knives come with a satisfaction guarantee.

Reconsider one-hit wonders

Think carefully before loading up your list with these extras. While we aren’t saying to leave them off your registry; make sure you have all the essentials covered before adding specialty products. You’ll want to choose the extras that fit the way you really live. Get the margarita maker if you’re party-throwing machines, or the bread maker if you love spending time in the kitchen.  That way you’ll get the most out of every gift you receive.

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