Tools for Setting up a Dream Bar

March 15, 2014

Tools for Setting up a Dream Bar

Truth be told, when it comes to alcoholic beverages, I’m a beer girl at heart. However, I do like to fantasize about what it would be like to be the kind of classy lass who welcomes guests with a vintage bar cart stocked to the hilt and the skills to whip out any mixed drink. In honor of my cocktail daydreams, here are a few fancy bar tools that caught my eye.

1.  Legacy Manhattan Black Cocktail Case


Though technically a travel case isn’t bar cart-worthy, I had to put it on the list. Whip this baby out and you’re guaranteed to gain major cool points with friends and family. This sleek and sophisticated carryall is stocked with everything you need: two martini glasses, shaker, napkins, stirrer and ice tongs. Hands down, it’s the quickest way to take you from Clark Kent to cocktail superhero. Drink up (everywhere)!

2. Godinger Hammered Stainless Steel Bar Set


Since I’m recommending a bar set for on-the-go, I think it’s only proper that I add in one for my imaginary bar cart as well. This beauty is crafted from hammered stainless steel, making it feel both modern and vintage. It’s got everything you need to make martinis, manhattans and more (plus the addition of a cheese knife). Swoon.

3. Sea Stones™ On The Rocks Granite Drink Chillers 


These nifty chillers are touted as being a favorite amongst both Scotch and nature lovers, but I think pretty much anyone can get on board with them. Use them as a conversation starter (“Hey, did you know that these are crafted from stones collected at a New England beach?”), a kooky cocktail pun (“On the rocks. Get it?”), or simply as a way to spruce up a gin fizz or wine spritzer.

4. Final Touch Wine Scent and Flavor Enhancer Decanter


While nabbing a great vintage will impress oenophile friends, serving it via this decanter is sure to knock their socks off. Not only does the decanter have a super sexy shape, but a double aerator helps enhance the vino’s smell and taste. 

5. OXO SteeL® Muddler


A true cocktail aficionado knows how to wield a traditional wooden muddle. For those of us who need a little more help (ahem, me) there’s this sleek, steel easy-grip muddler. Practice makes perfect, but this baby will help crush citrus fruits and mint for mojitos, caipirinhas  and more.

6. Lismore Champagne Coaster


Seventy percent of a cocktail party is presentation. Impress guests with this drop-dead-gorgeous lead crystal champagne coaster. The online picture has me drooling, so I can’t imagine how stunning it is in real life, especially with a bottle of Dom Perignon resting in it.

Have a specialty cocktail you’re known for? Tell us about it in the comments!

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