Eight Ways to Spring Clean Your Home Décor

March 31, 2014

Eight Ways to Spring Clean Your Home Décor

Forget what the groundhog said — it’s never too early to spring clean your home décor.

In my neck of the woods, this past winter brought two (!) polar vortexes, too many inches of snow and temperatures so low I had to take pictures of the thermostat as proof. And please don’t get me started on the wind chill.

So when the first burst of sunshine comes pouring through my windows, it’ll take everything in me not to chuck all my winter stuff right out the door and roll out the red carpet for spring. Sound familiar? Here are some no-fail ways to get you and your home into the warm spirit of the season.

Lighten up your bedding. The faux-fur throw and flannel sheets made perfect sense when it was freezing outside, but come spring, they just feel heavy. Pile up all your cold-weather textiles, give them a good clean, and then store them away. In their place, add light, bright, airy pieces — think colorful new pillows, crisp sheets, a textured coverlet and a lightweight throw.

Replace the light bulbs. Have a few too-dim corners in your home? Now’s the time to brighten them up. There are some incredible LED lights out there that give off the just-right shade you want, plus they last longer and help save on your utility bill.

Clean your windows. Dirt-free windows are the easiest way to brighten a space and let all the beautiful natural light in. Clean the inside and outside windows. Trust me, the extra work will pay off as the days get longer and brighter.

Spruce up your floors. Snow and salt are especially tough on floors and rugs. Now that your slushy boots are tucked away for the season, give your flooring a thorough clean. That means sweeping and mopping hard surfaces, and vacuuming rugs and carpets. If yours need extra TLC, consider renting a steam cleaner to lift ground-in stains and dirt.

Repair the walls. No matter the season, our walls take a ton of abuse. While you’re in full-on cleaning mode, assess yours. Wipe away any streaks, errant pen or crayon marks, and all scuffs. Fill in cracks or exposed nail holes with spackling paste, then sand and cover with touch-up paint.

Spiff up the stainless steel. Sleek and shiny, stainless steel can make a room look much more luxurious (read: expensive) than it really is. But all that beauty comes at a cost: the stuff attracts fingerprints like a Kardashian attracts the paparazzi. Luckily, there are lots of products that do a good job de-spotting surfaces, though I’ve had remarkable luck with some pantry staples. My favorite is rubbing a little olive oil onto a soft cloth and buffing stainless steel until it sparkles. If you need to clean and lift fingerprints, spray with a glass cleaner and wipe away with a dry paper towel.

Dust out-of-the-way places. Besides the corners and crevices, turn your microfiber cloth on spots you don’t see every day: the tops of ceiling fan blades, blind slats, the top of your refrigerator, air conditioner vent covers. Even though they’re out of sight, dusting these areas will help your home feel cleaner and lighter.

Tame the wires. You may love all the gadgets you got for the holidays, but the wires that come with them might have turned the back of your entertainment center into one headache of a tangle. Set aside some time to sift through all of them and come up with an organization tactic that works for you.
Bonnie Vengrow

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