Laundry Hampers and Sorters: 8 Things to Know Before You Buy

March 17, 2014

Laundry Hampers and Sorters: 8 Things to Know Before You Buy

There was a time when the hamper was considered a purely functional item. But thanks to today’s endless styles, it’s morphed into an accent piece for the bedroom and bathroom. Here are eight key things to consider when deciding which receptacle is right for your dirty laundry.

1. Hampers Are Sized By Load

Are you a singleton with only a little laundry? Then opt for a hamper sized to fit one or two loads. Couples and families with space may want to consider units that have space for three or more loads.

2. A Hamper Is Not a Sorter

A hamper has a single basket. A sorter provides two or more so you can split the laundry into darks, lights and delicates prior to wash day.

3. Hampers Can Be Stylish

There’s no longer a need to throw your carefully selected wardrobe into a plain Jane hamper. Today’s picks come in a variety of shapes (wedge, cylinder), colors (lime, lavender) and unexpected materials (faux leather, wicker, bamboo) making them easy to coordinate with your already existing décor.

4. Hampers Can Be Portable

Folks that don’t own a washer and dryer know that when it comes to a hamper, portability matters. If you’re trying to build up your biceps, opt for slinging a traditional laundry bag over your shoulder or carrying a basket with handles. Looking for a little less exercise when doing a load? Try a hamper or sorter with wheels.

5. Hamper Lids Help Hide the Laundry

There’s no need to see (or smell) your dirty laundry. Hamper lids not only hide the goods, but can also help contain any odor. And like many other aspects of this item there are lid options to choose from — hinged or removable.

6. Hampers Can Be Snag-Free

Ruining a T-shirt because you put a red sock in with whites is one thing. Ruining it because you caught it on the hamper is another. While we can’t help you with the former, the latter is easily prevented by purchasing a hamper that touts itself as being snag-free.

7. Removable Liners Make Toting Laundry Easy

If you’re looking for a standing hamper but don’t plan on storing it in the same room as the washer and dryer, look for one with a removable liner. It nixes the need for an extra laundry bag or basket by already providing a mesh or cotton interior that you can pull out.

8. Hampers Can Be Hidden

If you’re short on room, look into purchasing a pop-up mesh hamper or a folding hamper. Both are collapsible, making them easy to tuck away when they’re not in use.

These tips won’t do the laundry for you, but should help make doing it a bit easier.

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