Did You Know We Sell: Garden Tools?

April 14, 2014

Did You Know We Sell: Garden Tools?

We’ve got all of your green thumb needs just a click away.

Garden Tools
Garden Tools

We’ve got all of your green thumb needs just a click away.

Strawberry Planter

No garden space? No problem. This portable planter lets urban gardeners grow nine to 10 strawberry plants in the concrete jungle. Fresh berries, no farmers market needed.


Electric Tiller

Step up your garden game with a real-deal pro tool. Sun Joe’s Electric Garden Tiller/ Cultivator gets your ground grow-ready the easy way.

Expandable Hose

This incredible hose is the epitome of space saver — it starts out the size of your pocket,  then expands to a whopping 50 feet long.


Keep your summer duds dirt-free with Planto Country’s red cotton canvas apron. Multiple pockets means you have plenty of places to tuck tools while you work.


Digging Tool

Get to the root (literally) with this sleek carbon-steel blade. The easy-grip wood handle makes planting, sculpting, and weeding a breeze. And the included sheath and belt-loop means you can tote it around hands-free.

Clippings Bag

Ditch the garbage bags and try collecting clippings the eco-friendly way. These polyethylene bags tick off all of your boxes: They’re durable, waterproof, and reusable.


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