Rainy Day Housekeeping Projects

April 01, 2014

Rainy Day Housekeeping Projects

While few people enjoy a rainy day, it’s not hard to find a way to appreciate the wet weather. Why not take advantage of your time stuck indoors this spring? Before you cuddle up with a good book or pop in a movie, try tackling a housekeeping project or two that you have been putting off. Here are some of our suggestions for rainy day activities.

Head to the Garage or Attic

The garage and attic are two storage spots that fill up fast. Many of the items in these locations, such as seasonal decorations, are meant to be stored there, so make sure they are put away correctly. However, chances are that some items you don’t need have been thrown in there as well. We usually toss things in there when we don’t know what to do with them. Begin your spring cleaning by pulling out everything. (Start with just one section if you’re pressed for time.) You can separate items into three piles: a keep pile, trash pile, and a pile that you can sell or donate (maybe it’s time for a garage sale). Finally, organize everything that made its way to the save pile with bins, bags, and shelves.

Make It Picture Perfect

Are you a shutterbug? Even if you’re not a photo fiend, maybe you just want to display some new images. Chances are, your newer pictures are trapped in your phone, camera, or computer, while older photos may be stored in a shoebox in a closet. A rainy spring day is the perfect time to organize all those images. Print out pictures or pull out that shoe box and organize them into albums so that they are stored and protected. Another fun idea is to select some of your favorite photos and make a gallery wall in your home. Finally, if you would rather not print pictures, you can still display them with a digital picture frame.

Make Ahead Meals

A rainy day is the perfect excuse to experiment in, or just enjoy, your kitchen. Spend your time indoors trying out a new recipe that you have been waiting to test. If you don’t have a new item to try, you may want to cook some meals that can be stored for future dinners. You could cook up some soups and stews or satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth with treats like cookies that can be frozen.

Clear Out the Closets

Rain knows no season, but your closet does! Take advantage of spring showers to clear your closet. Once you have pulled everything out, try on items that you haven’t worn in a while. The same applies for shoes and boots. A good rule of thumb is to donate items that you have not worn in six months, or those that no longer fit. When you’re done, put everything you’re keeping back in your closet, but place those items that you don’t wear often, like special occasion pieces, towards the back.

Tackle one project and save the others for the next rainy day. With all these organizing ideas, you’ll be looking forward to the next forecast of spring showers!

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