How to Have the Most Beautiful Garden on the Block

April 09, 2014 1

How to Have the Most Beautiful Garden on the Block

How does your garden grow? Whether you plant flowers, veggies, or both, spring is garden season. Once you’ve prepared your garden, use some of the tips below to enhance its beauty and really make it a place where you  want to enjoy the hours outdoors. Take your garden to the next level with these additions.

Use Pretty Planters

If you have a good amount of outdoor space, it’s likely that most of your garden is planted directly into the ground. However, if you have a smaller space or just want to give some personality to a larger lot, add some fun planters into the mix. For a whimsical look, use a watering can planter. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated style, try metal urns. But don’t limit yourself to the ground! Incorporating hanging planters like a pressed metal basket into your garden is a great way to expand its beauty.

Give the Birds a Home

Enjoy the soundtrack of the birds in your neighborhood by adding a birdhouse to your outdoor space! Whether you hang a small house from a nearby tree or install a larger, more permanent dwelling, a birdhouse is a fun addition to any garden. If you have kids, they might be interested in their very own birdhouse. You can even buy a bird book and try to identify the types of birds that frequent your yard.

Light up the Night

Now that Daylight Saving has started, it’s lighter out later. Why not enjoy the extended sunshine in your garden? Even as the sun begins to fade, you can enjoy your evening outdoors thanks to a variety of outdoor lighting options. You can pick something as basic as a citronella candle (which keeps the bugs away as well) to more elaborate decor like these Solar Path LED Lights. Another fun option is hanging strand lights to light up the night!

Take a Seat

You spent all that time planting and pruning, now it is time to enjoy your gorgeous garden! What better way to admire all of your hard work than by choosing a place to kick back and relax? If you have the room, a fun seating idea is a durable hammock. If you want to be able to entertain in your garden, you may want to set up a table and chairs, or a bistro set. For a simpler solution, place a beautiful bench in the center of your garden.

Everything Else!

To make your garden truly personal, you want to add extras that speak to you! A great way to monitor the weather is to add a thermometer to the garden space. If you love the soothing sound of running water, you may want to add a water feature like this fun whiskey barrel classic fountain as well. Finally, you can choose outdoor art pieces to add some flare to your flowers. Pick from pieces that make you smile like a garden gnome or bold frog plaque.

No matter how you decide to beautify your space, make sure to get outside and enjoy your gorgeous garden!

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