Mother’s Day Gifts For All Types of Moms

May 01, 2014

Mother’s Day Gifts For All Types of Moms

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, everyone’s looking for a great present. To make yours special this year, why not seek out a gift that fits your mom’s unique personality? To get your wheels turning, here are some much-loved personality traits of our favorite moms, along with gift ideas for each.

For the sentimental mom

Three-Photo Live Love Laugh Scroll Wall Collage in Black

The sentimental mom believes no memory is too small or insignificant. For this reason, she saves every piece of her child’s schoolwork. She refuses to toss a stuffed-animal collection that belongs to her adult daughter, and considers deleting photos from her phone taboo.

An obvious choice for this mom is a photo collage she’ll cherish for years to come. For bonus points, fill the frames with photos from memories past.

 For the adventurous mom

Eccolo™ D'Israeli Travelers Journal

This mom is out to see the world. She’s game for anything that gets her adrenaline going, and relishes every opportunity to expand her horizons. An adventurous mom may love travel, exotic foods, and, of course, sharing these discoveries with her children.

If the mom in your life fits this bill, consider presenting her with a gift that can go anywhere, such as this water-resistant bag from Baggallini, or this handcrafted travel journal for her to take notes on her latest excursions.

For the overworked mom

Renew-You Spa Gift Basket

The overworked mom is on a never-ending quest to make everyone else’s life easier. Whether she’s busy with caretaking or juggling career responsibilities, taking time for herself is the absolute last thing on her list. This is the mom who shows up when no one else will, and who is always there to listen.

On this Mother’s Day, give her a reason to put herself first with an at-home spa gift basket, or a luxurious robe.

For the meticulous mom


Phrases like “in order” or “just so” describe this mom to a T. She’s always put together, prompt, and prepared for anything. The meticulous mom carefully plans the week’s dinners, and remembers every detail of her child’s schedule. She’s constantly rearranging everything from books to furniture.

Feed her need to stay organized with this jewelry armoire from Mele & Co., or this charming belt and scarf organizer.

For the kitchen-savvy mom

Certified International Eat at Mom's Dinnerware

If you know a nurturing mom who loves to cook and bake, then you understand how futile the response “But I’m not hungry!” can be. This mom is known for her homemade cookies and banana bread; she loves to spoil her loved ones with sweet treats. Her baked goods are all the rage at potlucks.

Let her know how much you appreciate her kitchen kindness with these plates designed to celebrate her skills.

 For every mom

Mother and Child® 10K Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver Heart Shaped Necklace

The impressions moms make on our lives — and our hearts — are simply immeasurable. That’s why this necklace is a good choice for any mom: it makes a bold statement of love, just like she does.

Leigh Kramarczuk

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