How to Choose a Beach Chair

June 18, 2014

How to Choose a Beach Chair

Lounging surf side is serious business. You need the right swimsuit, a good SPF and most importantly — a sweet beach chair. We make it easy to find the perfect place to rest your bum with this quick list of things to consider.

Do you want something portable?

Unless you’re lucky enough to live right on the beach, you’ll probably want a chair that’s a breeze to tote to and from the house and car. Folding chairs are a nice start –they’re stackable and lightweight — but their size can make them cumbersome to carry. Your best bet is to look for a beach chair that comes complete with a carry bag and shoulder strap.

Do you need a chair that can weather being left outdoors?

Battle ruin with options that boast no-rust aluminum arms and legs and keep mold at bay with quick-dry seats made of nylon or polyester.

Do you want to recline?

If the answer is yes, you have two options to choose from: a multi-position beach chair or a lounger. The difference between them is simple — the former gives you several lean-back positions, while the latter lets you lean back and put your feet up.

Do you need back support?

Typically bad backs and beach chairs don’t make for a comfortable match. That said, there are options for those who need extra support, like padded seats and “Catamaran-style” roped chair backs.

How high off the ground do you want to be?

Beach chairs come in a variety of different heights. If you like to be low to the ground (or you’re choosing a chair for a child) look for a seat with shorter legs or one that doesn’t even have them (yes, they do exist).

Do you need more room?

Consider a high backed beach chair or one that boasts a wider, deeper seat.

Do you need shade?

Think about nabbing a beach chair that comes with a cover. Not only will it cut down on the number of items you need to carry, but it will eliminate the need to purchase shade-bearing extras like a beach umbrella or a shelter. And speaking of extras…

What sort of extras are you looking for? 

Beach chairs come with a variety of little extras. Think side pockets to store your favorite beach read, cup holders for cocktails and head rests to give you a little extra cushion. Before you shop, make a list of what add-ons are a definite must.


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