Rock n’ Roll with these Musical Accessories

June 13, 2014

Rock n’ Roll with these Musical Accessories

Like many, I once had grand teenage dreams of being a rock star. But since I have the singing voice of a cat in heat and can barely keep time with a tambourine, I ended up being a writer instead. That doesn’t mean I’ve completely quit fantasizing about someday having a major Karen O. moment. In fact, below are few items I’d love to stock up on to complete my rock n’ roll dreams (aka my neighbors’ nightmares).

Electrohome Portable Karaoke Player


I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a total karaoke monster. Rent me a private room and throw on some Fleetwood Mac and you have to pry the mic out of my hands. If I owned this machine, I would probably never stop singing — especially since it has echo control to make my singing voice sound rich and professional.

Rock Show Venue

12655716992259pYou might as well create the right ambiance while jamming out to your karaoke machine. Not only do these monitors put on a sweet laser light show, but they have an extra mic so your best friend can sing backup.

Electric Guitar


Even though I have zero musical talent, I’d still love to own this slick electric guitar. It includes all the necessities (pick, extra strings, strap cleaning cloth), cool extras (a mini amp that distorts), plus an instructional video download so I can learn the right way to use it.

 Crosley Collegiate Portable USB Turntable

3150253245710mWhat rock star fantasy is complete without an old school-style record player? And thanks to my flea market fetish, I can spin everything from Dolly Parton to Nas on this bad boy. The true beauty of this turntable is that I can upload my vinyl onto my computer and preserve it as digital files.

These headphones have major cool factor — and I’m not just talking about the way you’ll look wearing them. They’re battery operated, lightweight, and have noise-cancelling capabilities so you can concentrate on your tunes without interruption.

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