Don’t Need But Want: Coastal Decor

July 11, 2014

Don’t Need But Want: Coastal Decor

For many years, my New York summers were spent at a beach house in Cape May, New Jersey. It was the type of place decorated from top to bottom in a breezy beach motif — sandy feet and bathing suits soaked in salt water were welcome. Though those days are long gone, every summer I still get the urge to be immersed in white-washed wood flooring and pastel seashell prints. In honor of my ocean-soaked summers past, here are a few key items I’m currently dreaming about.

Thro Assorted Coastal Jute Placemats

36490142420378pWords cannot describe how much I love, love, love these placemats. As we know, I’m a sucker for anything that looks remotely DIY — and the sweet, simple stamp at the center of each of these mats totally fills the bill. They look homegrown without actually involving any of my own blood, sweat, and tears. I imagine that owning this set would suddenly give me the skills to throw a wicked clambake even though I can barely make toast. A gal can dream, can’t she?

Frosted Shell Lanterns

9264016027928pOne of my favorite things to do in Cape May was sit in a rocking chair on the back porch and watch the sun go down. If I owned a house with a porch and had a rocking chair, I would totally purchase these lanterns and set them on the railing. Instead I’ll just create a faux ocean side retreat by pairing them with a podcast of crashing waves and a pina colada. They’re beachy without going overboard. Pun intended.


Get more beachy ideas by shopping Bed Bath & Beyond’s Coastal Collection.

Panama Jack Ocean Shells Comforter Set


3395113247729mI always adored how the owners of our summer rental had an unrelenting commitment to keeping the decor fresh and crisp. Every inch was tricked out in bright whites and bold blues with a few pastels (peach and blush) thrown in for good measure. This comforter set would have fit right in. I want to switch out my current bedding for the above and wallow in nostalgia. Somebody bring me a beach scented candle, stat!

Anchor Embroidered Oblong Toss Pillow

25374840985350pIn between daydreaming about beach trips of yore, I like to fantasize about owning a yacht. In my fantasy, I’m casually perched on deck in a sensible Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dress surrounded by at least a dozen of these adorable embroidered toss pillows — because a yacht without several anchor-laden accessories is merely an oversized boat. Now I just need to find my sea legs.


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