Dorm Tech Tools For Grown-ups

July 15, 2014

Dorm Tech Tools For Grown-ups

Twin XL sheets and bean bag chairs are a definite grown-up don’t, but our roster of college dorm tech tools is chock full of plenty of adult do’s. Yes, these nifty gadgets may be geared towards students on the go, but they’re equally helpful to those whose college days were …a while… ago.

You never seem to be near an outlet when you need one…

Rechargeable Power Cell



This battery doppelganger is a must for anyone who spends the bulk of their day in the car, on the train, or hoofing it around town. Use it to charge your iPad, iPhone, Kindle, etc., absolutely anywhere. Just connect the cell to your favorite gadget via USB and voila — you’re all juiced up and ready to go.

You never let go of your record collection…

Crosley Archiver USB ™ Turntable CR6001

 Hover to zoom, click to view large image. Crosley Archiver USB ™ Turntable CR6001A


This old-school-looking player may be geared towards cultivating the next generation of vinyl lovers, but it makes a sweet addition to any abode no matter what your age–and it’s a great way to get all your old favorites onto you computer, too. Dust off your record collection and spin some sweet tune-age from your own college days of yore, or hook up your laptop to rip your albums or cassettes onto your computer.

Your office questions your taste in music…

Phantom Headphones



Any tech geek knows a great pair of headphones are worth their weight in gold. And you don’t need to be cramming for exams (or shopping for someone who’s about to hit the books) to enjoy this pair.  These battery operated babies exceed standard headphone duty by doubling as a boombox and a microphone. Use them to keep your love of Taylor Swift under wraps at the office. Or plug them into your smartphone, put them on speaker mode, and answer calls in the car on your way to pick the kids up from school.

You love a backyard dance party…

Bluetooth Speaker

29323541575130pUp the ante at your next patio party with a bluetooth speaker.  The true beauty of this brick-sized system is that it’s completely cord-free. You can play your favorite summer dance mix off of your smartphone or MP3 player without the worry of outlets, plugs, or USBs.  Pass the margaritas!

You still find waking up is hard to do…

Cube Alarm Clock Radio

iHome® Dual Charging Stereo FM Clock Radio


Sometimes you need a little extra to help rise and shine for the daily grind. Wake up to a beep, your favorite radio DJ, or  a country ditty to get you moving in the morning. This multi-function clock also boasts dual alarm settings (because even grown-ups like to sleep in on the weekend) and programmable sleep modes to further tailor your daily wake-up call.

These gadgets also make great gifts (say for a summer housewarming). We guarantee you’ll gain major cool points from recipients young and old — just don’t divulge your “dorm” secret.

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