Kick Off College Football Season with Themed Gear

August 12, 2014

Kick Off College Football Season with Themed Gear

When you’re a serious college football fan, you know it just isn’t enough to cheer at a game or two during the season. You also want to demonstrate your team pride. So get on the decorating offense with this roundup of products to fill your space with the logos and colors that will remind you — and the world — where your allegiance lies. Whether you’re cheering for the team of your old alma mater, your current university, or just the team you love best, dress up your digs with some of these college football-themed ideas!

For the media room

What better place to show off your college football dedication than the very room where you’ll be doing your cheering? When you’re ready to think big, a 24-inch by 18-inch piece of canvas art depicting your favorite stadium will be sure to score you a decorating touchdown. For the extra point, light up your world with a neon helmet lamp and proudly display that familiar headgear with style.

For the kitchen

Your dedication to college football shouldn’t stop for meals, and now it doesn’t have to. Whether you’re preparing a meal before the big game or just chopping up the ingredients for halftime munchies, a bamboo cutting board featuring the logo of your favorite school will definitely get you the first down.

For the bedroom

Maybe you prefer to watch the game in bed or just want to extend your enthusiasm for football into all areas of your home. Spruce up the walls of your end zone with a framed photo and gold coin set from The Highland Mint, featuring a photo of your school’s stadium along with companion coins.  And of course, your college-football decorating theme won’t be complete without something to go on the bed, so be sure to pick up a raschel throw that boldly displays your team’s logo and colors.

For anywhere

If you need a great place to store that memorable snapshot from an outing at the stadium, don’t “pass” up a desktop photo frame, where you can store your own 5-by -7 print alongside one of the stadium. Or show off your school pride with a limited edition framed stadium photo and medallion, complete with a certificate of authenticity.

Looking for something fun? You can’t beat a FANBasket collector’s bin. This 6-gallon container will store just about anything you throw at it and the touchless sensor plays your school’s fight song! What’s more fun than that?

  Samantha Johnson

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