Wardrobe Organization Ideas You Can Steal From College Kids

August 05, 2014

Wardrobe Organization Ideas You Can Steal From College Kids

Mention the words “closet organization” to a group of friends and you’re guaranteed to get a collective groan. Sometimes finding the right solution takes an out-of-the-box approach. Case in point: dorm organization products. Before you discount them as child’s play, know this — dorm organizers are specifically geared towards making it easy for style-conscious consumers to keep small spaces in order. Here are our favorite steals (drumroll, please).

The whole kit and kaboodle



If configuring your own closet system is too much of an undertaking (and boy, do we hear you), Laura Ashley’s Collection offers up a mix-and-match line of storage options. Incorporate as many or as few as you need — stackable storage boxes, an over-the-door shoe holder, and even a bag for bed linens. Bonus points: Each piece comes in the same fresh, romantic print, giving your closet a sweet, streamlined look.

An organizer on wheels



A rolling cart is key in two situations:

1. You’re indecisive about how to configure your closet.

2. You live in an itty-bitty apartment and there’s just no room for a dresser.

In both cases, Honey-Can-Do’s version is smart pick. It’s simple, sturdy, and doesn’t look like standard collegiate fare (aka, plastic drawer units). Use it to store sweaters, tees, and underthings, or as a spot for your off-season wear.

The little details



Full disclosure: We find scarves to be the bane of closet organization. They slip off of a standard hanger and tucking them into a basket or container just means digging through a tangled mess. If they weren’t the perfect go-to accessory, we’d ditch them altogether. Enter our secret weapon: the scarf organizer. The loops keep scarves and belts in place (and off your closet floor), while also making them easily accessible.

A carryall for your carryalls



Like scarves, purses are a super tricky item to organize. Their awkward shape means they tend to take up a lot of valuable real estate. If your over-the-door space isn’t already occupied, this purse rack is a clever way to keep them up, out of the way and easy to access. Plus it frees up extra storage space so you can buy that killer pair of boots you’ve had your eye on.

Odd and ends



When the upper echelon of your closet (translation: that shelf you can’t reach without a step stool) has become a no man’s land of odds and ends, it’s time to invest in a few baskets. Skip deeper fare — you’ll have to pull down the whole basket to see what’s inside — and  invest in a few low-profile totes. Their shallow body means you can tip them towards you to see the contents. Easy-peasy.

What dorm room organizational idea have you used in your grown-up home?


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