6 Must-Have Tools for Fall Cleaning

October 08, 2014

6 Must-Have Tools for Fall Cleaning

When I “spring” into spring cleaning, I love getting the house ready for the hustle-bustle of summer’s activities. Fall cleaning brings an entirely different set of emotions — comforting feelings of settling in for winter, a sense of a slower pace, and the desire to get the house ship-shape after the craziness of summer. But even though fall cleaning is a cozy, quiet project, finding the motivation to get started  isn’t always easy. Having the right tool for the job can make the difference between enjoying the task and simply enduring it, so here are 6 tools that almost make me eager to start cleaning.

1. iRobot Looj 330 Gutter Cleaning Robot

By this time of year, my gutters are cluttered with leaves and debris—aren’t yours? While I could balance myself on a ladder and precariously clean out those gutters by hand, I can’t imagine why I would, when I can use this auger-style robot instead. It blasts its way through the gutters leaving cleanliness in its wake, and the remote control makes it simple to control from a distance. A robot to clean my gutters—I could get used to this. Now I need one that can scrub toilets…

2. Real Simple 6-Shelf Sweater Organizer

Autumn means that it’s time to swap out those summer clothes to make room for warmer things like, well, sweaters. Those bulky wardrobe essentials are notorious for taking up space, but this six-shelf sweater organizer helps keep the closet under control while offering four storage pockets to house smaller items — like belts, scarves, and even thick socks to keep toes warm on chilly mornings.

3. Perfect Glass Cleaner

Window washing is one of those fall cleaning tasks that I’m inclined to put off—I mean, who likes washing windows? Having the right glass cleaner makes a difference, especially when it’s ammonia-free with a streak-free formula. Those windows will be squeaky clean in no time — ready to view all of those picturesque snowfalls that are on the way.

4. CleanWave UV-C Sanitizing Furniture and Bed Vac

Vacuuming upholstered furniture might not hit the top of my daily to-do list, but it’s important to include in seasonal cleaning. But why use an ordinary vacuum when you can use a sanitizing furniture vacuum? It eliminates germs (!!) and features a bagless design, so now I don’t have to spend time changing vacuum bags. Even better, it has a detachable hand vacuum that makes me feel even more efficient.

5. The Original Microfiber Cleaning Cloths in 10 Pack

When you’re fall cleaning, the to-do list includes everything from furniture and window blinds to countertops, mirrors, and floors—or even all of those at once. I like knowing that I’ll be ready for anything with these super-handy 12×12-inch multi-purpose cloths.

Dusting remind you of the nicks & scratches in your furniture? Cover the damage with a Guardsman® Furniture Touch Up Kit.

6. Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaners

Hardwood floors work hard every day, so I like to give mine some extra attention at fall-cleaning time. But with pets and children in the mix, I reach for this non-toxic GREENGUARD certified product. (It’s even Swedish! My ancestors would be so proud.) For those non-hardwood floors, there’s Bona StoneTile & Laminate Floor Cleaner for use on linoleum, laminate, stone, terrazzo, and other sealed hard-surface floors.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have windows to wash. And floors to clean. And upholstery to vacuum. How about you? What are your must-have tools for fall cleaning?

Samantha Johnson 

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