Essential Products for Outdoor Cooking

October 06, 2014

Essential Products for Outdoor Cooking

Although I don’t usually spend much time watching television, I recently saw a fascinating TV series in which top chefs were pitted against each other in an outdoor cooking competition. It was riveting: I think cooking over open fire brings an intrinsic excitement to food preparation (not to mention that unmistakable smoky taste!).

Luckily, you don’t have to be a professional chef on TV–or suffering through the heat of summer–to enjoy the process of creating wonderful outdoor dishes. With a few helpful tools, you can be preparing competition-worthy chow in no time.


Let’s talk cookware. If you want to experience classic campfire cooking, sooner or later you’re going to need a cast-iron frying pan, like this Emerilware cast iron skillet. You can use it for everything from making fried eggs and bacon, hash, or fish. Need a deeper piece of cookware for some of your more ambitious outdoor creations? Pick up a couple of King Kooker aluminum cooking pots— available in three versatile sizes — and satisfy the hunger of all your friends and family members.

Pie irons

Once you’ve tasted a grilled-cheese sandwich — or any sandwich, really — toasted to fiery perfection in a pie iron, you’ll never want to eat it any other way. Get started today with a pie iron from Rome Industries. Prep sandwiches or mini-pies with the square or round pie iron, and get ideas from the included book of recipes. If you have a hankering for breakfast prepared in the great outdoors, try making some delicious fire-cooked waffles with an old-fashioned cast iron waffle iron.

Over-the-fire fun

Ready to get fancy? You’ll have a blast when you take outdoor over-the-fire cooking to the next level with a firepan rotisserie grill. You’ll be able to grill and roast with ease — right over the fire pit! The adjustable grill height will ensure a proper fit to your flames, while the robust construction makes it suitable for joining you on all your outdoor adventures.


Of course, even while you’re having fun, you’ll want to take care that your food creations are safe. Make sure your meat is reaching the correct internal temperature with a Cuisinart Digital Universal Grill Thermometer; it’s easy to use and fast. Specifically cooking steaks? Snag a set of four Cuisinart outdoor steak thermometers and make sure each of your guests receives the rare, medium, or well-done steak that he or she requested.

Or keep it simple

Just want to have fun around the campfire, with nothing elaborate? Be sure to stock up on a few extendable camping/cooking forks and let the fun with marshmallows, hot dogs, and s’mores begin!

Samantha Johnson

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