Creative Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

November 19, 2014 2

Creative Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Turkey is the ultimate Thanksgiving table showstopper. But until the guest of honor arrives, set the stage  at your dinner with a creative centerpiece that will wow your guests.

Why? “The centerpiece makes a first impression,” says Janice Thill, owner and creator of The Folded Napkin, a catering and event-management company in Bergen County, New Jersey that serves the tri-state area. And that visual impression can set the mood for the entire party, she explains, especially if it creates a sense of welcome.

To help you make your Thanksgiving table inviting, Thill offers these centerpiece ideas that will set the stage for a memorable meal.

Lighten up. Candlelight can add a warm glow to the center of your holiday table, “but candlelight requires constant maintenance,” Thill says. She suggests using LED lighting instead and creating a low-level display with LED garland or branches, or arranging props at strategic locations on the table so they’re not blocking anyone’s vantage point. “The best centerpieces don’t obscure your guests’ view of each other, which can impede the flow of conversation,” Thill says. “Think of your centerpiece as props on the table that allow the conversation to continue.”

Think tall and temporary. Still, a taller centerpiece, such as this LED Blossom Tree, for example, which is 22 inches high, can work. It can brighten up the center of your table while your guests gather nearby, enjoying drinks and appetizers. Feel free to build up the display with fall touches, such as leaves and gourds, fresh flowers, and household objects.

Just remove a taller centerpiece from the table when your guests sit down. You’ll probably need the table space to make room for the feast anyway.

Group interesting objects, such as these Howard Elliott Scalloped Textured Scarlet Urns, which Thill likes because of their fall colors. “Arrange the urns in a group of three and put fresh flowers in one of them,” she says. Feel free to scan your home for centerpiece-worthy fall-inspired artifacts and to display any centerpiece you create off center if your Thanksgiving table lends itself to that sort of arrangement.

Bowl them over. Fill a decorative bowl with berry balls, gourds, or dried flowers and display it on a decorative placement in the jewel tones of Thanksgiving. “To add a personal touch to your centerpiece and a conversation piece, incorporate an heirloom bowl, something you bought on vacation, or something your child has made,” she says. Don’t feel the need to make more out of less. “Sometimes the most memorable centerpieces are understated,” Thill says.

Make your centerpiece interactive. Have your guests add their input to any centerpiece you create. When your guests arrive, for example, ask them to write what they’re thankful for a 2 inch by 3 inch chalkboard frame, then add the frames to your Thanksgiving table, around the centerpiece. You could also take a photo of each guest with a Polaroid camera and stick their photo into an Umbra Sprout Photo display, to send the message that what you’re most thankful for is them.

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