A Holiday Card Writing Party

November 21, 2014

A Holiday Card Writing Party

If you’re too busy to see your friends this holiday season and you haven’t mailed a single season’s greeting, take heart—and throw a Christmas card party! It’s a very merry way to catch up in person with local friends and keep the holiday card tradition alive with your long-distance loved ones.

How it works

Who: Invite four to ten guests, and ask them to bring their address books, mailing lists, stamps, and cards—enough to swap a few that so everyone can have a mix of styles to send.

When: Since holiday weekends tend to be super busy, consider a weekday afternoon or evening. Don’t sweat the invitations: phone calls and emails will do the trick (after all, the last thing you need is something else to mail!).

Set the scene

Space: You might want to create separate areas for card writing and eating, because greeting cards and spills don’t mix. The “work area” should have good lighting and plenty of room for writing, so think dining room table, a large kitchen island, a pool or ping-pong table, or even a few folding tables.

Clear the table of any non-essentials, and make sure that you’ve covered it to prevent nicks or scratches. Designate spots for each writer, and set out any extras you think people might need — a few greeting cards to share (you can’t go wrong with classic styles like a jolly snowman, happy reindeer, or bright Christmas tree), pens in several colors, a few extra stamps, and maybe some cute stickers for sealing envelopes.

For simple table decorations, create a handwritten place card for each partygoer and insert it into a pinecone. You could also create little “inspiration” cards, with holiday-appropriate phrases for to guests to use as they write.

Tip: Don’t forget to capture all the merriment with photos and share them on Facebook and Instagram!

If you want to give each guest a little souvenir, consider a festive pen tied with a pretty ribbon that guests can use during the party.

Menu: Be sure to keep the coffee pot full and the beverages flowing by making pitchers of party punch in advance so that you’re not stuck in the kitchen.

You could do sweets, like these Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Cookies, or go with simple savories, like these Sweet & Spicy Glazed Nuts. But since the whole idea of this soiree is to keep it simple, it’s also totally okay to serve store-bought goodies.

Get the party started

As your friends arrive, take some time to get in the card-writing mood. Sip drinks, listen to any kind of music — from traditional holiday songs to classical music to retro rock-and-roll tunes — and mingle. Have a contest about the wackiest holiday card you’ve ever received; the “winner” gets to do the post-office run after the party.

Catch up on things you’ll be writing about in the cards, like special events that marked the year, your family’s health and achievements, and memories of the people you’re sending cards to. It’s a good time to start the card-swapping and to help each other out with any tricky wording situations.

Once the group is inspired, invite them to gather around the table and get comfortable. Then get to work, signing cards, addressing envelopes, and applying postage. Before you can say “partridge in a pear tree,” you will have written all your cards, and maybe even started a new holiday tradition.

We added the Christmas song “2000 miles” to our holiday playlist with this party in mind. What would you add?

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