Did You Know We Sell: Towel Stands and Warmers?

January 24, 2015

Did You Know We Sell: Towel Stands and Warmers?

A relaxing hot shower followed by a cold, clammy towel? No, thanks. Keep your towels dry — and indulge in a little spa-inspired bliss — with these ingenious bathroom accessories.

Au Naturel

Beautiful bamboo brings a touch of natural serenity to any bathroom. Plus, this simple, functional design offers ample towel-hanging space. It’s totally Zen.


Wall-Mounted Warmth

Short on space? This sleek, wall-mounted warmer has eight heating bars, so you and your guests can experience the luxury of toasty towels. Warning: May cause houseguests to overstay their welcome.


All-Day Indulgence

Get warmth whenever and wherever you need it. The Classic Towel Warmer heats towels 24/7 and can be used on your floor or mounted on a wall. In other words, say goodbye to post-shower shivers for good.


VIP Treatment

High-stepping it across the bathroom post-shower can cause unnecessary chills and spills. Thankfully, we have a solution — the Towel and Robe Valet. It saves space and has swivel action to boot, so your towel will always be in reach.


Total Luxury

Drop it in and warm it up! This spacious Towel Warmer from Brookstone quickly and evenly warms towels, robes, blankets — even mittens and hats — all at the touch of a button. Let the snuggling sessions begin.





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