4 Things Your New Hair Dryer Can Do That Your Old One Can’t

February 12, 2015 2

4 Things Your New Hair Dryer Can Do That Your Old One Can’t

Sometimes I fall in love with a particular tool and use it for years and years just because I like it. But sometimes I can take this thinking too far, especially when technology moves on without me and I don’t realize what I’ve been missing. A good example is my old hair dryer that I’ve been using for waaay too long.

I’m thinking it might be time to retire Old Faithful and pick up a stylish new model, but what can I expect my new dryer to do that my old one can’t? Well, a new dryer can…

1. Deliver more even heat

Different materials conduct heat in different ways. When it comes to hair dryers, ceramic beats metal, every time. So maybe it’s time to forego those finicky metal heating elements in an old hair dryer and instead try a higher quality hair dryer with a ceramic heating element. The advantages are significant: the dryer heats more evenly (with less difference between hot and cool), allowing hair to dry more quickly.

2. Use science know-how to defeat overly-dried hair

Tired of loose strands and frizz and ready to move to a dryer that helps deliver smoother hair? (That’s me wildly waving my hand.) Then perhaps it’s time for an ionic hair dryer.

As we all learned in school, ions are atoms that have an uneven number of electrons, giving them an either positive or negative charge. And it’s those persnickety positive ions in the moisture of hair that cause the frizzy static. Ionic hair dryers help out by introducing negative ions that interact with the positive ones, subsequently weeding out some of frizz by allowing hair to dry more quickly. Who knew there was so much science wrapped up in a hair dryer?

3. Feature a “cool shot” button

In addition to various speed and heat settings (old hair dryer with only one heat setting, anyone?), look for a hair dryer that features a “cool shot” button. What’s it for? When pressed, the cool shot button maintains the dryer’s blowing action, but temporarily halts the heating process. This gives your hair a blast of cool air that can be used for setting in place a perfect look — a secret that many users never take advantage of!

4. Provide more power

There’s no doubt that a dryer with higher wattage has the ability to dry hair more efficiently. If your current hair dryer is a little on the weak side as far as wattage goes, consider upgrading to one with higher wattage, which is a better buy.

Ready for a new dryer? I know I am!

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  1. I never thought much about getting a hair dryer with an ionic setting, but it actually does make a difference. That is a feature I won’t do without when buying hair dryers in the future.

    - Anne@BaptismalGownsPlus.com
  2. These are some good features to get from a hair dryer. I have heard that ionic hair dryers are best for hair. Hope the hair dryers with the ionic features will be effective.

    - MiguelBenson

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