5 Plants Anyone Can Grow

April 19, 2015

5 Plants Anyone Can Grow

Not everyone has a green thumb, but everyone can appreciate the delight that comes from growing and nurturing a plant — whether it’s a perennial flower, a vivacious herb, or a steady succulent.

But some plants don’t require the experience and skill of an expert gardener, they just need a place to grow and a little bit of love and attention.

With that in mind, here are five plants that can be successfully grown by anyone. (Yes, even you.)

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

So you’re probably thinking: But I don’t have any luck with houseplants! Well, aloe vera is about to prove you wrong, because virtually anyone can grow this potted plant successfully. It requires only minimal attention, it prefers infrequent watering (how about that?), and it thrives both indoors and outdoors. My aloe vera plant has survived for several years on my windowsill, despite the fact that my previous success with houseplants had been less than stellar.



Ah, chives. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love them for the way that they are virtually unstoppable and the way that they boldly pop up in the early spring, even while there’s still snow on the ground. I love them for their zesty onion flavor and the way that they spice up salsa and egg salad. I love them for their onion scent and their cheerful purple flowers. They are equally successful indoors or out, and they are remarkably hardy and resilient. Grow chives — you’ll love them, too.


StrawberriesWhat’s better than biting into a fresh, juicy strawberry that you picked from your very own plant? That one-of-a-kind burst of sweet flavor is unlike anything you will find in a supermarket strawberry and, best of all, strawberry plants are easy to grow and thrive in a variety of situations. Strawberries are a great candidate for container planting, faithfully bringing fresh fruit to a patio or balcony near you. You may wish to plant a mixture of June-bearing and ever-bearing varieties. The June-bearing plants tend to produce larger strawberries for a shorter period of time, while the ever-bearing varieties produce smaller berries two to three times throughout the growing season.

Donkey’s Tail

donkey tails

Also known as burro’s tail, this attractive succulent grows and grows and grows, almost as if by magic. Its leaves trail downward, giving it a unique and attractive appearance. And its low-maintenance lifestyle is perfect for the gardener who is leery of potted plants — donkey’s tail is a self-reliant plant that is a delight to grow.



Don’t let the naysayers fool you. They’ll say, “Mint will take over your garden! It goes wherever it wants and you can’t stop it.” But I look at that as a good thing. Think about it — a plant that will willingly take over the garden is a great choice for the less-than-stellar gardener who needs a plant with tenacity and a mind of its own. Besides, you can easily exercise dominion over your mint plant by growing it in a container. You will effectively keep it in one place, you will still have access to the delights of fresh mint for all of your culinary pursuits, and you can grow it indoors or out.

What plants are you going to grow this spring?

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