Making Your Bedroom a Sanctuary: An Interview with Marci Zaroff

July 25, 2015

Making Your Bedroom a Sanctuary: An Interview with Marci Zaroff

I’m all for long walks in the woods, meditation retreats and spa visits. (Seriously. All for them.) But let’s face it: In this crazy-hectic, always-connected world, most of us need a getaway that we can access on a more regular basis. And for that, you can’t beat your bedroom.

But how can you elevate your bedroom from ‘a great place to sleep’ to a true sanctuary? We went to Marci Zaroff, the mind and spirit behind the gorgeous Under the Canopy brand’s home products, for insights on making your bedroom a serene place to relax and recharge, so that you can live, as she puts it, a “passionate, positive, and inspired life.”

Here’s what we learned.

Make it Meaningful

Under the Canopy Goddess Pillow
Under the Canopy Goddess Pillow

One of the best ways to create a space that will soothe you is to design with elements that reflect rest and renewal in a way that’s meaningful to you. For instance, Zaroff told us she sleeps on the Goddess bedding, which is “inspired by the notion that there’s a goddess within.” That underlying idea is revealed though subtle touches, like the mantra printed on the bedding’s reverse side, which reads “Find your truth, live passionately, follow your heart, love deeply,” and more obvious elements, like the Goddess toss pillow, which shows a female Buddha along with the mantra. “Even when you’re sleeping, you know the message is there,” Zaroff says.

You could also add this type of deeper story  to your bedroom by choosing wall art with meaningful messages, or adding accessories that reflect your own ideals.

Choose Colors & Patterns That Soothe

Don’t underestimate the power of color when it comes to creating a soothing and peaceful space. You can add colors you love, anywhere: the walls, wall art, window treatments, your flooring and, of course, your bedding. Zaroff notes that the colors in the Goddess bedding include purple and violet, which in some traditions signify wisdom, divinity, clarity, and creativity.

Look for hues that you love, with an eye toward creating a positive emotional energy in your space.

Make Sure it Feels as Good as It Looks

It’s easy to focus on  the style and color of your bedding, but to create a place for deep rest, take extra time to consider the way the bedding feels when you touch it (aka its “handfeel,”) and really imagine how you’ll feel sleeping under it each night. You’re looking for “bedding that feels clean, soft, and well made, ” Zaroff says.

You’re also looking for bedding that makes you feel good when you think about it, she adds. Under the Canopy’s beds, for instance, are made with 100% organic cotton. “It’s better for us, and better for the planet,” Zaroff says, which means she feels “soft in her heart” when she slips into bed.

“I can feel good about the manufacturing of this bedding, too,” she says.”It’s softer on the skin, and gentler on the earth. And to me, it means I can dream peacefully, knowing I’m doing good in the world.”





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