Get Schooled: Fresh Finds That Make Great Gifts for the College Bound

August 01, 2015

Get Schooled: Fresh Finds That Make Great Gifts for the College Bound

One day he’s playing Little League or she’s dreaming of becoming the next Tavi Gevinson; the next day he or she is off to college — a place with tiny rooms, trying roommates, and too much stress. Treat your favorite college-bound student to one of these must-have gifts and they’ll be good to go from Day 1.

Something on the Side

Nightstands are dorm room luxury — and chances are your student will be stuck on the top bunk anyway. Studio B’s multipocketed Bedside Storage Caddy hangs discreetly to stash textbooks, notepads, gadgets, and more. And, this can’t-miss-it Bamboo Bunk Bed Shelf attaches to just about any bed frame to hold up to 25 pounds of nighttime knickknacks.

Great Getaway

What self-respecting, semi-adult wants a Privacy Pop Bed Tent? Anyone who needs quality alone time and has a roommate who can’t take a hint. Mesh windows let in ample airflow and light while keeping out the talkie types.

Turn On, Tune Out

So many distractions, so little time. HoMedics Sound Spa churns out lapping waves, dreamy drizzling, babbling brooks, and other soothing sounds that block background noise to help students focus on their work, catch some shut-eye or just chill out. Pair it with a colorful, foldable yoga mat for meditating between classes.

Light Fantastic

Forget lava lamps. This trippy, hand-carved Himalayan light heats its salt crystal shell to release air purifying negative ions. The result? A sense of calm and a fresh-scented dorm room. Groovy.

Lap Star

College is a collaborative experience. The Smart Media Desk 2 lets your student cram in common areas, while enjoying all the comforts of sitting at a desk. A slot allows for upright tablet viewing, while a sleek flat workspace (complete with comfy elbow pads) is perfect for laptops and taking notes.

Power Up

Creating extra under-bed storage is a classic college move. But instead of cement cinder blocks, you can now treat your grad to a set of four Power Risers that give beds a 7-inch lift and feature one riser embedded with twin grounded electrical power outlets and twin USB outlets. A tower of power, if you will.

Rack On!

Honey-Can-Do’s innovative shoe rack lets your student and visiting study buddies stash up to six pairs of wet, slushy boots in the space of three. The unique design keeps dirty, wet footwear off the floor to keep muddy mess at bay.

In the Fold

A tiny dresser and teeny closet? Such is dorm living. Folding shirts, sweaters, pants and linens in a uniform matter will help make the most of the limited space — which makes the MiracleFold a gift every college student needs. Weirdly fun to use, the folding tool quickly transforms wayward laundry piles into store-like stacks.

Wash and Go

Goodbye long, solo bathtub soaks; hello co-ed, quickie showers. To take advantage of rare moments of peace and privacy, it’s good to keep a well-stocked “go” bag at the ready. This adorable mesh bath tote is ringed with multiple pockets to stash sundries for any shower situation. Soft mesh helps it dry quickly for easy storage too.

Out Damn Spot

College is stressful. Stress causes pimples. Stress may be inevitable, but Tanda Zap employs blue-light technology (a favorite of dermatologists) to make mild to moderate blemishes go bye-bye within 24 hours. So tense midterms don’t have to mess with the weekend’s dorm mixer.

Sure, your student is probably hinting for something high-tech, high-priced and flashy enough to impress their new dorm-mates. Kids — what do they know? These frosh finds are smart and thoughtful and fulfill needs they don’t even know they have yet — and that merits a 4.0 in anyone’s book.

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