How to Create an Insta-Worthy Christmas Tree

December 09, 2015 3

How to Create an Insta-Worthy Christmas Tree

Of all the holiday decorations we haul out each year, perhaps none is more personal than the Christmas tree. In its weeks-long existence in our homes, it magically transforms from a plain old Douglas fir into the epicenter of all the holiday action. We nestle presents underneath it. We gaze at the lights winking at us from the branches, like little jewels. We dress it lovingly with our most cherished ornaments.

And while there’s no wrong way to trim a tree, there are a few tricks to take yours from so-so to spectacular. Best part? They’re probably not too far off from what you’re already doing. Follow these four steps to help make your season even more beautiful:

1. Pick Your Spot

Before you set up the stand and fluff up the tree skirt, find an area of your home with plenty of space to decorate and water the tree and stack presents underneath. Tip: If you’re short on ornaments, consider placing the tree in a corner, which can hide bare branches.

2. String the Lights

Now that your tree is set up, turn your attention to the decorations. First, unravel the lights and check for any burned-out bulbs. Once you’ve confirmed yours are in working order, weave the strands into the tree. Start at the trunk and work your way to the tip, making sure to stagger bulbs and tuck some into the tree for visual depth.

3. Hang the Ornaments

For best results, hang your favorites first so they nab prime real estate. Next, move on to oversized or heavy ornaments, taking care to space them evenly around the tree. Follow up with the rest of your medium and smaller ornaments. Don’t forget to take a step back every so often and survey your work. Look for holes and bunching, and adjust accordingly.

4. Add the Finishing Touches

Once the ornament placement is complete, wind the garland and ribbon around the tree, from top to bottom. Sprinkle brightly colored bows and tinsel throughout (Hint: they’re an easy way to fill in dark patches or holes).

Christmas Tree Trends to Try

On the hunt for fresh tree decorations? Here are some of the hottest trends coming our way this season, according to the experts at Christmasworld, a leading international Christmas trade show.

  • Copper and pastels: These are two popular trends in home decor, so is it any surprise they’re showing up on our Christmas trees as well? Get the most bang for your buck with a coordinating set, like these four angel ornaments from Lenox.
  • Black and white: Sure, this classic color combo normally doesn’t conjure holiday cheer, but it does add a sophisticated element to your seasonal decor. This crisp, clean striped ornament from Kate Spade is instantly brightened by a perky red ribbon.
  • Delicate: Top off your tree with something elegant, like this illuminated angel tree topper. Made of capiz, it emits a soft, soothing glow and a subtle shine.
  • Polar bears, penguins and birds: Move over, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, some new animals are in town. This sweet polar bear ornament would look right at home with chunky knit throws, plaid throw pillows, and a roaring fire.

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