7 Things Your New Juicer Can Do That Your Old One Can’t

January 21, 2016

7 Things Your New Juicer Can Do That Your Old One Can’t

It’s hard to beat a glass of freshly squeezed or pressed juice. But getting great juice requires some prep and, of course, processing—which may not be, well, fruitful with an older juicer.

Here are seven things a new juicer can do for you.

1. Police the Pulp

Older citrus juicers may produce a perfectly fresh glass of juice, but they often do so with an uncontrollable amount of pulp. This is fine if you delight in texture, but if you’re not fond of pulp sticking in your teeth, you’re forced to reach for a strainer. This citrus juicer from Cuisinart® boasts an adjustable reamer (that’s the little pointy tool that extracts juice from the citrus) with three pulp-control settings: low, medium, and high. And no, this is not pulp fiction.

2. Put an End to Prep Work

If your juicer is a blast from the past, you may cringe when you think of the prep work required for one glass of juice. Thankfully, most current models let you forgo this time-consuming step. In fact, with the Juice Fountain™ Plus from Breville®, you can simply drop your fruits and veggies in whole—no chopping or peeling required. It’s pure magic. And it’s sure to make your mornings magical, too.

3. Unleash Your Creativity

Nearly any juicer can churn out a refreshing blend of veggies and fruits. Some of today’s juicers, however, can do more. This masticating juicer from Omega®, for instance, can turn your favorite nut into a luscious butter or milk. Just imagine the possibilities! With a versatile, capable juicer in your kitchen, you won’t be hindering your creativity—or your protein intake.

4. Cut Down on Cleans

If it’s a squeeze to expect more than a single glass of juice before having to clean out your juicer, you’re living in prehistoric times. Most modern juicers can go glass after glass without getting clogged. Looking for proof in numbers? This workhorse from Kuvings® continuously juices 30 to 50 cups of a juice at a time without requiring a clean.

5. Class Up Your Countertop

You won’t have any qualms about displaying a new juicer on your countertop. With finishes ranging from sleek stainless steel to bright white, the latest juicers are a sight to behold. This beauty from Hurom® comes in three distinct finishes—the white finish has a stylish lime-green accent. No wonder it was mentioned as one of Oprah’s favorite things.

6. Keep it Quiet

No one likes being jarred awake by a noisy appliance. So if your juicer sounds like a jet engine, it’s time to consider a more subdued option. For a juicer that knows how to use its “inside voice,” we like this silent—yet hard-working—model from Kuvings®. Get ready to start your day on a pleasant (quieter) note.

7. Squeeze With Speed

When you’re trying to get out the door, the last thing you need is a juicer that operates like a tortoise. Besides, the added stress of being late is sure to negate the health benefits of your fresh-squeezed concoction. So, if you’re in the market for speed, check out this supersonic creation from Breville®. With a patented 3-inch feeding tube, it pumps out a glass of apple juice in a mere eight seconds.

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