Did You Know We Sell: Greenhouses and Cold Frames

January 08, 2016

Did You Know We Sell: Greenhouses and Cold Frames

Once in a while you delightfully discover that we sell more than just things for the house—like things for outside the house.

Keep your plants safe and extend your growing season by using greenhouses and cold frames to let the warmth in and keep it there. Your only predicament will be deciding what to grow.

Starting Small

Eight feet by 8 feet might make for a small bedroom, but it makes an awesome greenhouse. Let the sun in and keep the elements out with the UV, rain, and wind resistant covering.

Early Bird

No greenhouse? No sweat. Get your seeds in the ground first thing, without the fear of a late frost. Extend your growing season by as much as two months (!) with this handy cold frame. No tools required, so even I could set up this one.

Space Saver

Not everybody has room for a greenhouse—or wants a big garden. Enter this 3-by-4-foot mini greenhouse. It’s portable, quick, and perfect for small gardening aspirations.

The Real Deal

If you look up greenhouse in the dictionary, this one appears. Or at least it should. Experience all of your gardening dreams with this 24-foot behemoth, and enjoy the 7-foot-6-inch ceilings. Gardening was never this delightful.

Robust Cold Frame

Get professional-quality greenhouse glass in a beginner’s size. This spacious cold frame extends your growing season and looks great at the same time.

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