6 Things Your New Coffee Maker Can Do That Your Old One Can’t

February 06, 2016

6 Things Your New Coffee Maker Can Do That Your Old One Can’t

If you’re bored with your morning brew, it could be time for an upgrade. That’s because today’s coffee makers produce cups of java known to excite even the most persnickety of coffee snobs. Plus, with coffeehouse-inspired capabilities that range from grinding beans to brewing espresso, a new coffee maker is sure to make your mornings decidedly more pleasant (read: caffeinated) too.

1. Preserving the Integrity of Your Brew

You may think you have bought freshly ground coffee, but you haven’t really experienced this treat until you have owned a machine with a built-in grinder. When the grounds go straight from grinder to brew basket, it just doesn’t get any fresher. And it’s what makes this slick coffee maker from Cuisinart® so great. Simply pour in your favorite beans and let the machine’s internal burr grinder do the work. You’ll end up with a cup of coffee that reflects the true flavor of the beans and starts your day on an authentic note.

2. Saving Precious Minutes During Your Morning Rush

When you’re trying to vacate the house in the morning, minutes matter. Waste a few, and before you know it, you’re behind. Thankfully, this personal brewer from KitchenAid® lets you downsize your morning to-do list. With a quick touch of a button, it brews a generous 18 ounces of coffee directly into the included travel mug, so you can literally grab and go.

3. Making Everyone Happy

Some members of your household may not see the value in an appliance that’s used only for coffee. (We can assume they don’t suffer from caffeine dependency like the rest of us.) This dual-purpose brewer from Hamilton Beach® is both a single-serve coffee maker and a hot water dispenser. The latter, of course, comes in handy for making a cup of tea or a bowl of oatmeal. Even better, this particular model can brew coffee from grounds or from a K-Cup®. No one will feel jilted.

4. Taking You Back to Basics

If you’re ready to eschew machines, consider a pour over. Although not as convenient as a drip coffee maker, manual brewing is said to extract the maximum amount of flavor from the grounds. It’s also a wonderfully simple way to begin your day. This classy pour over from Melitta® makes up to six cups at a time, which means it’s perfect for your morning pot or your next dinner party.

5. Indulging Your Inner Barista

If you’re inspired by artsy milk designs (or if you simply appreciate a good cappuccino), consider a coffee maker that brews espresso too. Picture it: You, in the comfort of your kitchen, whipping up a deliciously frothy beverage. No pressure, no rules, no judgment—you can make your latte any way you see fit. A dollop of heavy cream? Sure. A shot of your favorite liquor? Hey, no one’s looking. With this combo machine from De’Longhi®, your vision becomes a caffeine-laden reality.

6. Keeping Your Coffee Fresh

Some days require more coffee than others. The next time one of those days comes along, don’t settle for scorched seconds. If this savvy coffee maker from Hamilton Beach® is in your possession, you’ll be sipping piping hot, fresh coffee for the long haul. It has a gentle heater (not a hot plate!) and an insulated tank, so you’ll never get that bitter burnt-coffee taste. And you won’t have to go to the trouble to tip and pour a coffee carafe—simply press your mug against the dispenser and watch the life-giving substance flow beautifully into your mug.

So, now that you know what’s out there, it’s time to take action: Put down that boring coffee, peruse the latest selection of coffee makers, and prepare to start your mornings with a better buzz.

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