Give Your Kitchen a Mini Makeover

February 19, 2016

Give Your Kitchen a Mini Makeover

As a major workspace in your home, your kitchen takes a lot. But over time, it can give off subtle clues that it’s time for a makeover: Gunky grout. Saggy cabinet doors. Tired-looking appliances.

Luckily, you don’t need to do a major gut job to whip your kitchen into shape. “You can transform your kitchen’s look, feel and functionality with just a few minor updates,” says Allison Grimes, owner of Chromatics Interior Décor.

Here are six budget-friendly kitchen decorating hacks Grimes has cooked up that can make a big impact.

Clean Your Appliances

Giving your appliances a thorough cleaning can brighten your whole kitchen. Use cleaners made for each appliance surface. If you have a refrigerator with a glass or stainless steel door, for example, use a cleaning product that’s specifically for glass or stainless steel. All-purpose products can be too abrasive. Scratches on stainless steel or glass refrigerators don’t wipe off. For a more streamlined, professional look, Grimes recommends limiting refrigerator magnets.

Rehab Your Cabinets

“If you have dark cabinets, sanding them down and painting them in a lighter color can make your kitchen look larger and cleaner,” Grimes says.

Be sure to put down a primer coat first. When it’s time to paint, apply several thin coats instead of laying it on thick, and allow plenty of time to dry between coats.

You might also want to update your cabinet and drawer hardware. Trending now: gold and copper knobs and pulls. According to Grimes, it’s no longer taboo to mix your metals. For an eclectic touch, feel free to use knobs in two different metals for upper and lower cabinets.

While you’re at it, make sure to realign cabinet doors and drawers that have come off their hinges and tracks. It’s a small thing, but properly installed cabinet doors can improve your kitchen’s overall appearance.

Paint Your Refrigerator and Stove

The contemporary look of stainless steel is in. If getting a new fridge or stove isn’t an option, paint the white or almond appliances you’ve got with stainless steel paint.

Change Your Lighting 

Install kitchen lighting under the cabinets and by the stove so you can see better when you’re chopping, mixing and stirring. Swap out your ceiling light, too, depending on the look you’re going for. From modern to rustic, “The array of kitchen lighting that’s out there right now is incredible,” Grimes says.

Regrout Your Backsplash

Grout can darken with age and get clogged with food splatter. If your backsplash is too far gone, replace it with easy-to-install recycled aluminum panels, or glass or marble mosaic, or plain subway tiles. Watch a YouTube video for DIY instructions.

Add Pops of Color

A decorative fruit bowl, new kitchen towels, and other accessories such as a KitchenAid® mixer in a powerful red or orange color are easy ways to spice up your kitchen’s look and put the finishing touches on your mini makeover.

Even if you’re just making small changes to your kitchen, it pays to be organized.

“Bring samples of your paint and cabinet color, as well as your backsplash tile, with you when you’re shopping,” Grimes says, “so you’ll know that a rug or towels and other accessories that you find are really going to work.”

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