The One Tool That’ll Make Anyone An Amazing Gardener

March 25, 2016

The One Tool That’ll Make Anyone An Amazing Gardener

You don’t need actual gardening skills to turn out a gorgeous garden.  You just need a plant kit. Think of it as an indoor, fuss-free solution for those who don’t have the time or will to “tend the land.” The best part: You don’t need special tools, sunlight, or elaborate space to make your garden grow. Here, the plant kits that bring your green thumb to life.

The No-Lights-Or-Soil-Needed Kit

Not all of us have adequate window space for indoor plants. But with this kit, you can still grow small but wonderful herbs and veggies without soil or even sunlight. It comes with its own lights, and plants grow in pre-seeded pods for convenience.

The Lettuce Kit 

Besides enjoying the attractive green plants, you can also make a sandwich with fresh greens picked right from your own window garden.

The Tomato Kit 

Cherry tomatoes are a favorite of many gardeners. Now you can enjoy them, too.

The Dinosaur Kit

I loved anything with dinosaurs, as a kid. And I still do! This kit lets you grow dino-inspired plants, including a prehistoric pine tree and a dinosaur fern. Lava rocks and a pet dinosaur complete the scene.

The Aloe Kit

I have some experience growing aloe indoors, and I heartily recommend it as a potted plant that—despite beginner mistakes—has a will to survive. It’s also an attractive and useful remedy, with multiple beauty and medicinal properties.

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