10 Puppy Toys Worth Drooling Over

April 28, 2016

10 Puppy Toys Worth Drooling Over

Every dog owner knows a bored dog can quickly become a bad dog. And bad dogs do things like nose through trash, gnaw on furniture, and dig up landscaping. It’s easy to be mad (or not, depending on how well your dog does the guilty face), but how can we blame the dog if there’s nothing else to do?

Thank goodness there are plenty of toys designed to keep shenanigan-prone pups blissfully entertained.

What follows is a list, in no particular order, of our favorites. Nearly every toy is appropriate for dogs of all ages and sizes, unless otherwise noted.

1. The Silent (and Not Deadly) Skunk

skunk toy

You wouldn’t want your dog to encounter a real skunk, but this toy skunk is totally harmless—even to your ears. With a special squeaker that only dogs can hear, it will keep your pup happy and keep you free of squeak-induced headaches.

2. Your Dog’s Fire-Hydrant Fantasy


Your dog may “own” every fire hydrant on your block, but does it have one at home? Make your dog’s day with this toy fire hydrant made out of authentic fire hose material. It crinkles and includes a rope for tug-of-war. (Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for dogs who treat it like a real fire hydrant.)

3. The Tiger Who Lets the Good Times Roar


For pups who like to shred things to bits and pieces, this super-tough yet oh-so-cute plush tiger will present an intriguing challenge. It’s reinforced with two layers of stitching and material, making it hard for chewers to accomplish their goal. In other words, this tiger will keep the good times roaring on and on.

4. Dogs Give This Ball Glowing Reviews


Light up your dog’s fetching game with a kickball that shines in the dark. With the ChuckIt!® Kick Max Glow Fetch Toy, playtime can happen at any hour. (Just don’t tell your dog.) And in case you were wondering, both large and small dogs can easily carry it around thanks to rubberized bite zones and its availability in two sizes.

5. The Toy That Talks Back


OK, so talking to your dog is fun, but watching your dog be talked to—by a talking babble ball—is immensely entertaining. Fortunately, dogs seem to be captivated by it too. When bumped, it spits out one of 20 prerecorded phrases and sounds designed to keep canines coming back for more.

6. An Educational Pig


Help your dog get acquainted with the phrase “when pigs fly” with a stuffed pig that illustrates it perfectly. Equipped with Chew Guard Technology, this adorable toy can last against even the most determined of chewers. The next time your dog makes a pass at a tabletop steak, you can point to this toy and it’ll understand.

7. For Tennis-Ball Addicts

ball launcher

Some dogs would chase a tennis ball around the world. If your dog falls into this (slightly neurotic?) camp and is of a smaller stature, consider the K9 Kannon™ Mini Tennis Ball Launcher from Hyper Pet™. It shoots mini tennis balls up to 75 feet at the pull of a trigger, giving your arm a much-needed break. Its best feature, however, is the hands-free pickup—no more dreading the feel of a slobbery, mud-caked tennis ball.

8. The Puzzle That Builds Character


Nothing in life is free. Dogs need to learn this too, which is why the Flip ‘N Flap™ puzzle from Spot Pet is so great. Just place treats in its hidden compartments and let your pup use its brainpower (or nosepower) to earn each one.

9. A Blast from the SNL Past

mr bill

Even if you don’t remember Mr. Bill of “Saturday Night Live” fame, this hilarious plush toy will keep you and your dog in fits. When your dog chomps down on it, it lets out Mr. Bill’s high-pitched catchphrase, “Ohh noooooo!” You’ll be laughing so hard you won’t be able to save him.

10. What’s More Adorable Than This Owl?  

owl squeak

If there were an award for the world’s cutest animal, an owl could easily fly away with the prize. But looks are just one reason why Poppy the Owl from HuggleHounds® is a must-have for your dog. It’s also durable. With natural rubber construction and a loud squeaker, this darling little owl will quickly become your pup’s new favorite.

So, there you have it: plenty of ideas for stocking your dog’s toy bin. The real benefit, of course, will come in the form of a preserved home and yard—and a stronger bond with your best friend.

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