4 Reasons to Play Croquet This Spring

April 16, 2016

4 Reasons to Play Croquet This Spring

Ah, croquet. The very word embodies a sense of poetry, a touch of elegance, and a bit of French flair (I think it’s the silent “t”). The game of croquet has long been an established part of European and American outdoor tradition, providing enlightening entertainment for over 150 years.

A croquet set consists of six wooden mallets, six colorful balls, two wooden stakes, and either six or nine wickets. The object of a croquet game is to navigate the balls through the wickets—arranged in a pattern on a lawn—by striking them with a mallet. Thanks to the United States Croquet Association website, you can easily access the rules and learn the basics of the sport. (You can also find out about croquet competitions if you’re inclined to up your game to a higher level.)

Are you ready to join the fun? Here are four reasons to play croquet this spring:

It’s Classic

Envision all those wonderful, old pieces of art, like Norman Rockwell’s “Croquet” and Winslow Homer’s “Croquet Players.” They depict exquisitely dressed people playing croquet on manicured lawns, surrounded by a world of beauty. After all, it’s a game of sophistication and elegance—the kind you play in between sips of tea and bites of orange scones while peppering your conversation with words and phrases such as “indubitably” and “quite so.” (Or between sips of soda and handfuls of potato chips with words and phrases like “awesome” and “This game rocks!” Your choice—both work.)

A Great Way to Exercise

Croquet isn’t strenuous like other sports. With a game like tennis, for example, you’re dashing about and swinging your arms in pursuit of that ball. It’s a workout—and not much fun if you’re not used to that kind of activity! Doesn’t it sound more inviting, when you head outside for some weekend-afternoon fun, to leisurely stroll around the yard in pursuit of a colorful ball as it gently rolls through the green grass, with the wickets glistening in the warm spring sun? Yeah, I think so too.

Much Space Isn’t Required

A croquet set doesn’t take up much space and usually comes in a handy carrying case. It can easily be stored in the corner of the garage or tossed in the back of your vehicle so that you’re prepared for action wherever you go. A small patch of grass is all you need to set up a game.

A Real Crowd-Pleaser

Croquet gets everybody involved. With six balls and mallets, six players can participate at once, giving more guests the opportunity to get in a game. Have more than six guests? Play in shifts—a game doesn’t take very long—or use two croquet sets so you can have two games going simultaneously.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to find a long, flowing pink dress and an oversized, beribboned hat— along with some tea and scones. A game of croquet awaits!


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