5 Things Your New Ice Cream Maker Can Do That Your Old One Can’t

April 25, 2016 2

5 Things Your New Ice Cream Maker Can Do That Your Old One Can’t

It’s hard to beat a scoop of homemade ice cream. Forget screaming for it, it’s worth a few lung-expanding shrieks. And with today’s tech-savvy ice cream makers, this unbeatable treat is easier to produce than ever before.

Here’s the scoop on what modern ice cream makers are exceptionally good at:

1. Giving You Ice Cream on Demand

OK, so maybe “on demand” is a little generous, but today’s ice cream makers can churn out unbelievably indulgent creations in no time at all—and in the comfort of your own home. The Cuisinart® Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt Maker, for instance, requires no more than 20 minutes to transform simple ingredients into a dairy masterpiece. That’s less time than it takes to visit your local store or ice cream parlor.

2. Saving Your Arm Muscles

Childhood memories of churning ice cream by hand may have deterred you from making homemade ice cream ever again. Thankfully, times have changed. The latest ice cream makers have replaced the hand-churns with electric motors. But if you want to get nostalgic, you could always go with the Old Fashioned Wood Ice Cream Maker from Nostalgia™. It looks like a vintage model, but it comes fully equipped with an electric motor. With its help, you will be able to crank out up to four quarts of ice cream at a time. And you won’t even break a sweat.

3. Helping You Burn Calories

If eating lots of ice cream has you feeling the need for a workout, the SoftShell Ice Cream Ball™ can help. This spherical, self-contained ice cream maker looks like your average playground ball, but it has compartments on its top and bottom—one for ingredients and one for ice and rock salt. After you fill the compartments, you simply roll it around for 25 minutes. (You could incorporate your exercise routine at this point, but the instructions advise against throwing or bouncing it, so keep that in mind.) Once you’ve completed the requisite rolling, you’ll be rewarded with roughly a pint of ice cream. And since you’ve burned a few calories, there’s absolutely no guilt in repeating the process.

4. Allowing for a Seamless Dinner Party

Preparing to host a dinner party can drum up a bout of anxiety, especially if you’re serving multiple courses. You want the flow to be just right, after all. An ice cream maker with a “keep cool” function, such as the Cuisinart® Ice Cream and Gelato Maker, can keep you from having to worry about the final course. This brilliant feature keeps your ice cream in perfect serving condition, so dessert can happen whenever the mood strikes.

5. Churning Out More Than Ice Cream

Sure, ice cream is delicious, but what about gelato, sorbet, and frozen yogurt? Some of the most advanced ice cream makers on the market can fulfill your frozen fantasy in any of these forms. The Breville® Smart Scoop™ Ice Cream Maker takes it a step further. It includes 12 hardness settings, so you can enjoy any of the aforementioned treats at the perfect texture. Even better, it plays ice-cream-truck music when it’s ready to eat.

If all this talk about homemade ice cream has left you with the urge to shriek, peruse our selection of the latest ice cream makers here.

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  1. Congrats on your new ice cream maker, Nancy! So glad you received an amazing deal at BBB. We’d love to see photos of your tasty creations, so please share with us on social. Enjoy!

    - Chee Gates
  2. So excited! Just bought my first ice cream maker. Saved 20% with a coupon and even got FREE shipping. I’m a happy camper and can’t wait to start churning out my first scoop!

    - Nancy Reid

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