Don’t Need But Want: Farm-Chic Décor

April 08, 2016

Don’t Need But Want: Farm-Chic Décor

It’s no secret that I love animals. It’s also no secret that I have a particularly soft spot for farm animals. Cows, chickens, sheep, goats, pigs, and (of course) horses—they’re all unique, they’re all beautiful, and they all need to be a part of my home décor.

Well, maybe they don’t need to be part of my home décor, but it’s certainly what I’d like.

Here’s how I’d like to outfit my living space with livestock décor:

Retro Pig Memory Foam Kitchen Rug


Is there anything cuter than a pig? How about a pig on a rug with a black-and-white checkerboard and flowers? This would be perfect in front of my kitchen sink, where I could stand and wash my hands and think about cute pigs. Perfect.

Framed Giclée Chicken Print Wall Art Collection

roosterartThese would be awesome even just for the artwork of the hen and rooster, but the frames are “barn wood molding” and elevate the artwork to an entirely new level of farm-chic décor. These are seriously adorable and I seriously need (want) them.

Country Rooster Canvas Wall Art


While I’m waxing lyrical about the beauty of chickens, let me hasten to mention this one as well. This majestic rooster on canvas combines a fresh mix of patterns with a feeling of motion and spirit. I think he’d look amazing above a fireplace or flanking an easy chair. And at a generous size of 22 inches square, this guy makes a statement.

Watercolor Cow Face Framed Wall Art

cow art

If I were to ever get tired of looking at chicken wall art (not likely), I’d definitely want to gaze at this graceful watercolor—a sweet face of a cow, with large, liquid eyes. What’s not to love?

Embroidered Running Horse Pillow


This square throw pillow leans a bit more to the ranch than the farm, but who cares? It has horses! And faux-suede fringe! Its Western vibe feels rugged and fresh—just what I need, and maybe you too.

Rooster Cookbook Stand


Can we all say “adorable”? Can we all say “practical”? Can we all say “sold!”? This darling metal cookbook stand is the perfect place to rest your recipe while you whip up a glorious meal. The charming rooster is an added bonus.

“Farm Fresh Eggs” Hanging Metal Wall Art


OK, this one admittedly doesn’t feature a farm animal on it, but I’m a sucker for signs in general and I have a particular weakness for metal advertising signs. So! I’m egg-static over this vintage-inspired “Farm Fresh Eggs” sign. (It even hangs from a metal chain. Could it get any cuter? No, it couldn’t.)

Farm-chic + lovely décor = one happy home!

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