Exclusive! Our Q&A with Ellen DeGeneres

April 20, 2016

Exclusive! Our Q&A with Ellen DeGeneres

We are so excited to introduce ED Ellen DeGeneres, the new bedding collection from Ellen herself! It’s beautifully designed, high quality bedding in warm colors, with charming, expressive elements. You can see the whole collection here.

We asked Ellen a few questions about her inspiration and decorating tips.


What or who inspires your designs?

I’m inspired by everything. Nature, animals, things I’ve accidentally broken at various stores.

What’s your #1 decorating tip?

Buy things that you love. It’s that simple. Surround yourself with furniture and pillows and art that you love and you’ll be happy in your space. Also, hide money in your sofa cushions. You’ll forget about it and when you find it you will be over the moon.

What about a “decorating don’t” — something that’s just never a good idea?

The three D’s: Don’t decorate drunk. Been there, done that, have the inflatable sofa to prove it.

Are you ever “finished” when you decorate or is there always a project?

I’m never quite done. I love arranging and then rearranging and then rearranging some more. You know what they say – a woman’s work is never done. You know who said that? A woman who was exhausted.

“Don’t decorate drunk. Been there, done that, have the inflatable sofa to prove it.”

What is your favorite thing from the line?

I love the Azur Stripe bed. Because I love the color and saying “Azur” makes me sound exotic.

Do your cats and/or dogs sleep in the bed? Are they allowed on the furniture?

My pets are under the impression that it’s their bed. I’m allowed on 1/16th of it and they stretch out sideways across the rest.

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