How to Make Your Outdoor Space Comfortable

April 29, 2016

How to Make Your Outdoor Space Comfortable

I suffer from nice-weather guilt. Those of you who also live in northern climates know what I’m talking about: Our A-plus weather days are limited, so we feel guilty if we’re not outside enjoying each one.

But when it’s time to unwind, an outdoor space—whether it’s a patio, a porch, or a deck—isn’t always ideal. Bugs and ultraviolent rays, for starters, can easily disrupt your peace.

To help you enjoy spending your free time al fresco, here are some ideas for adding comfort to your outdoor space:

Make It Easy to Hydrate

drink dispenser

Sitting outside with a cold drink in hand is sure to lower your blood pressure. But the experience could be marred if you have to trek indoors to refill your glass. The solution is simple: keep your beverages outdoors. You could get all fancy and fill a beverage dispenser with infused water—basil and watermelon is always a crowd pleaser—or you could simply stock a cooler. If you go with the latter, place it in reach of your favorite lounging spot.

Speaking of Lounging …


It’s hard to relax if you don’t have a good place to repose. A simple chair won’t do—you need something that reclines. Consider an outdoor chaise lounge, or a glider that lets you rock yourself into tranquility. (Don’t forget to add a few sumptuous cushions.) But if you really want to slip into serenity, try a hammock. You’ll sway with the breezes and forget about your cares in no time.

Set Up the Shade


Basking in the sun warms the soul but, sadly, it can damage our skin. Sometimes, when you are in the mood to chill, a shady spot is just the ticket. Creating shade in your outdoor space is fairly easy. A patio umbrella is a classic solution, or you could try a shade sail, which is surprisingly easy to clean with a garden hose thanks to its meshlike fabric.

Maintain a Pleasant Temperature

temp control

It’s hard to control Mother Nature’s thermostat, but with a good outdoor fan or heater you can control your comfort level. Outdoor fans, especially those with a mister, can expertly manufacture a cooling breeze. On the other hand, an outdoor heater can keep you cozy on a chilly night. Heaters come in several shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to find one that will complement your space.

Create a No-Bug Zone

Having to duck indoors to escape a ravenous pack of mosquitoes, sand fleas, or biting flies is far from relaxing, and it’s why a bug-repelling strategy is a must. You can start with a citronella-fueled candle or torch. Or you can skip straight to the big guns and invest in a bug zapper. (Note: Bug zappers kill bugs, so if you’re not into that kind of thing, you may want to stick to the citronella.) Either way, your bug deterrent of choice should keep you from having to constantly slap at bloodthirsty insects, giving you the chance to totally chill out.

Now, with an outdoor space that exudes comfort, you’ll be free to relax—and make the most of a beautiful day.


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