Must-Have, Multiuse Entertaining Pieces

April 11, 2016

Must-Have, Multiuse Entertaining Pieces

Love to entertain? You probably already know about versatile staples such as white silverware, white tablecloths, and small votive candles. If you want to raise your hosting skills up a notch, add a few of our must-have, multiuse entertaining pieces to your repertoire. They will come in handy for events of all kinds all year long and will help you entertain with style and ease.

tiered server

Tiered servers add height and interest to a buffet, maximize your serving space, and lend an upscale look to the simplest bites. Even store-bought cookies or appetizers look like gourmet treats when presented on a pedestal. Try a mix of straightforward, raised cake plates and multitier, handled servers at your next event.


Handled serving trays with a raised edge serve so many purposes that it’s worth keeping several on hand. They can transform an ottoman into a coffee table to serve drinks and snacks on. They are also a classy way to easily and prettily tote things to and from the kitchen or present a signature cocktail. Try one to organize mixers on a bar or to corral glasses or silverware on a buffet table.

party tub

Party tubs are a wonderful way to keep guests out of the kitchen and free up precious refrigerator space. They are available in a wide range of finishes, from rustic to polished. Use one to put bottled water, wine, beer, or sodas on ice where the action is. They are simple to restock during the party and guests can refill their glasses with ease.


Small skewers are a simple staple to use to make pretty, impromptu, easy-to-eat appetizers out of what’s on hand in the fridge. Try combinations such as melon and prosciutto, grape tomato and mozzarella chunks drizzled with pesto, mini fruit-salad skewers with honey and mint, or our delicious recipe for Italian Sub Skewers.


Slate, wood, or marble serving boards provide a gorgeous backdrop for just about any appetizer. When you have surprise guests, simply set out some cheese, charcuterie, and classic accompaniments on one of these beautiful, textural boards. Just add a bottle of wine and—voila!—you have an instant, elegant party vibe.

bar cart

Bar carts or standing trays allow for maximum flexibility when you entertain, whether indoors or outdoors. Set one up near a dining table to refresh drinks or keep additional dishes or glassware close at hand. They can also be used to create a food or beverage serving station in small living spaces.


Stemless wine glasses are probably the most versatile glassware around. They’re easy for guests to hold, less likely to tip, and perfect for serving more than just wine! Use these new basics for cocktails, water, juices, punch, and just about any chilled beverage. Bonus: They simplify your bar setup too.


Chalkboards add a bit of whimsy and personal charm to any event. Try using one to welcome guests, to offer a fun quote, or announce your menu. They’re also a great way to suggest channel-your-inner-mixologist cocktail combinations at the bar.

What’s your most-used piece for entertaining?

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