5 Ways to Create an Entryway That Wows

July 28, 2016

5 Ways to Create an Entryway That Wows

Your home’s entryway is a stage for first impressions—a space to make guests feel like they’re about to enter someplace special (which they are, even if it’s New-York-tiny, like mine!). These five foolproof tips help create a welcoming, memorable entrance.

1. Turn up the Color

Make major visual impact—without taking all weekend—by painting your front door, shutters, or mailbox a saturated, edgy shade that compliments your exterior. Colors such as fire-truck red, robin egg blue, and glossy black look rich and pair well with a variety of hues.

For less commitment and equal curb appeal, hang vividly colored flowering plants from your front porch. You can also plant a bright, floral mix in a container garden or window box (don’t forget to consider sunlight and maintenance). Broken green thumb? Hang a vibrant flag or weather-resistant art near your front door.

2. Light the Way

wow entryway 1

Lighting has the power to add a touch of whimsy or elegance to your entryway. Try these:

  • Matching wall-mounted sconces, hung symmetrically, elevates your front door from simple to swoon-worthy.
  • A set of lamp posts lining the sidewalk sets an anticipatory mood.
  • A hanging pendant lamp, like this bronze beauty with hammered glass, makes a sparkling statement to perk up your “little black dress.”

Quick tip: Choose lighting that echoes the style of your interior. For example, if your décor is contemporary, stick to those types of fixtures.

3. Create a Nook

wow entryway 3

Carve out a small sitting area on your porch, using weather-resistant furniture that’s easy to clean, comfortable, and (ideally) looks better with age. Look for pieces that can pull double duty, like a table with built-in storage or a small stool that can act as an end table. These chipper stools look equally at home in the garden or your living room.

4. Sweat the Details

wow entryway 4

Much like a perfect first date outfit, creating a striking entryway often comes down to the fine points. Lay down a new doormat that picks up fresh paint or floral colors from tip one. Consider swapping out an old door knocker for one in another shape or finish (make sure to match the hardware materials).

5. Keep It Clean

Relocate obvious clutter, like the sports gear and piles of shoes you climb over daily, to an out-of-the-way spot. Wrap up the garden hose, clear toys from the porch, and give the area a thorough cleaning, which you’ve been planning to do anyway. Now you have a little push.


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