Genius Dorm Room Fixes

July 05, 2016

Genius Dorm Room Fixes

Your dorm room is where most of your brilliance happens. It’s got to be on fleek.  These simple solutions transform bland walls and cluttered closets into divine living spaces, so you can focus on being the next Steve Jobs.

Make A Daybed


A printed duvet and a body pillow create a relaxing environment during the day. You’ll have an inviting place to lounge, do homework, and hang out with friends—all of which are essential to your sanity and your social life!

Change It Up

Washi tape allows you to switch the décor with the seasons or whenever you want. Use it to hang photos, art, or create a design out of the tape itself. Add string lights to finish the look.

One and Done


Choose one large art piece or tapestry to hang over your bed (like the iconic Audrey Hepburn). Overachiever? Create a gallery wall to display your fondest memories. Don’t forget to buy extra frames to show off your new snaps!

Declutter Your Digs

An over-the-door organizer transforms the back of your closet door into a storage space for shoes, scarves, and toiletries. Hanging storage keeps bulky sweaters and blankets folded and tucked away. Using slim hangers triples your closet space and keeps clothes in place.

Mix & Match Your Bedding


You take fashion risks daily (and you have the selfies to prove it!). Try mixing patterns and textures on your bed. If you have a floral duvet, go with solid sheets. If you’re rocking a solid comforter, explore patterned options. But most importantly, have fun and don’t overthink it. That’s what chemistry class is for. And don’t short sheet yourself! Get an extra set for laundry day, and you’ll have more options to mix and match. And that’s what college life is all about: Options.

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