4 Ways to Fight the Freshman 15

August 31, 2016

4 Ways to Fight the Freshman 15

With never ending access to pizza and deep-fried everything (not to mention the lack of the sleep from studying), you’re practically handed the Freshman 15 when you first move in. Good news: By planning ahead, gaining weight doesn’t have to be your fate.

Wear an activity tracker

You won’t always have time to hit the campus gym for an hour. But hustling to and from classes counts towards meeting your daily cardio goal. Wear a stylish smartwatch to track all your activity. Try one, like FitBit Blaze, that lets you follow along with onscreen workouts through an integrated app.

Measure more than your weight

Your weight can fluctuate by 2 to 5 pounds (or more) each day depending on a variety of factors, like what you ate, whether you’re retaining water, and more. Try a smart scale that tracks muscle gains and losses, water weight, bone density, BMI and more, so you get the whole picture.

Make time to relax

There are plenty of excuses exist to eat your stress (statistics class, dating, roommate drama…). Instead, create a daily relaxation ritual, complete with a soothing sound machine, spa shoulder wrap, and essential oil diffuser.

Prepare your meals

You don’t need super chef skills to make great food. You just need the right tools. Start small with a microwave egg cooker (no more fast food breakfast sandwiches!) and smoothie maker. Instead of buying soda from a vending machine or expensive coffees, you can DIY delish beverages right in your dorm room (genius!).




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