Fight the Freshman 15 and Win

August 31, 2016

Fight the Freshman 15 and Win

Pizza at every meal … a flavored, whipped-creamed coffee habit … utter exhaustion—you’re practically handed the Freshman 15 with your first-semester syllabus. Those who plan ahead and gear up for the challenge (parents, please help!) will soon learn that gaining weight doesn’t have to be their fate.

SmartWatch Your Workout

You won’t always have time to hit the campus gym for an hour (welcome to adult life!). Hustling to and from classes—and off-campus “extracurricular” fun—counts towards meeting your daily cardio goal. Wear a stylish smartwatch to track all your activity. Try one, like FitBit Blaze, that lets you follow along with onscreen workouts through an integrated app.

Know Your Numbers

Trying on your favorite leggings and jeans is often a gauge of weight gain. Still, it’s good practice to step on a bathroom scale. Even better, make it a group effort for you and your roomies. Use one that measures and saves weight, body fat, water, BMI, and daily calorie needs for multiple people.

Just Chill

New friends … Statistics 101 (ugh!) … the hottie down the hall: Plenty of excuses exist to eat your stress. Instead, create a daily relaxation ritual, complete with a soothing sound machine, spa shoulder wrap, and essential oil diffuser.

Own Your Diet

Healthy cafeteria foods probably aren’t available 24 hours, which leaves you with pizza and vending-machine snacks to fuel your late-night study sessions. Stock your dorm room with DIY cooking tools, such as a microwave egg cooker and smoothie maker. Avoid falling into the fat trap of creamy lattes and sugary sodas by making your own sparkling drinks and coffee (just go light on the sweetener). Put the money you save into a fund for spring break, when you’ll be more than ready to slay in your swimsuit!




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