Organize Your Child’s Room in 8 Steps

August 25, 2016

Organize Your Child’s Room in 8 Steps

How many times have you spent hours decluttering your kid’s room, only to have the mess reappear two days later? It’s enough to drive any parent crazy!

Gale Sitomer of G Sitomer Design shares her strategies to transform three trouble zones from tornado to tidy, before the new school year begins:

In the Play Area


Step 1: Take inventory of what stays and goes, Sitomer says. Your child has more mini Legos, dollhouse pieces, and arts and crafts supplies than she’ll ever use. Make three piles: Keep, donate, and recycle. Schedule a donation pick-up by phone or email, and recycle items the next available day (or they could find their way back in with the keepers!).

Step 2: Sort the “keep” pile by type. For example, place cars in one pile and dress-up clothes in another.

Step 3: Store each “keep” pile in separate bins and boxes with lids, so they’re easier to stack. Clear designs allow kids to see what’s inside (before dumping everything out). To make the contents crystal clear, complete Step 4.

Step 4: Label your containers. Doing so will come in handy during playtime, clean-up, and if you plan to move. Sitomer swears by using a label gun. These adorable, reusable, chalkboard labels are also fun.

At the Desk


Step 5: Purge the mounds of paper (because kids hoard papers!). Place awards, photos, reminders, and calendars on peg boards, Sitomer suggests. For an extra visual punch, choose one with a printed background.

Step 6: Stash away writing utensils. Store crayons, markers, pens, and pencils in easy-to-open containers, like these BPA-free slanted plastic jars.

In the Closet


Step 7: Dive into this Bermuda Triangle to see what actually fits. Your goal is to emerge with “keep” and “donate” piles.

Step 8: Choose versatile storage items, Sitomer says. For example, a hanging shelf creates vertical storage for seasonal items like flip-flops and swimsuits, or accessories such as belts and scarves. Foldable storage boxes and slim hangers with detachable clips maximize closet space even more.

One last step: Celebrate!

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