5 Healthy Breakfasts to Make in Less Than 2 Minutes

September 01, 2016

5 Healthy Breakfasts to Make in Less Than 2 Minutes

I’m usually running too late to make breakfast, and my neighborhood café carries heavenly chocolate croissants. See my dilemma? Woman cannot live on croissants alone! In honor of Better Breakfast month, I’m trying five healthy options that are fast and easy to prepare at home and transport in a Mason jar.  If I can do it, you can too.

Overnight Oats

Combine steel-cut, Scottish, or old-fashioned oats and an equal amount of milk or yogurt in a Mason jar. Cover and let the mixture sit in the fridge overnight. Come morning, you’ll have a delicious grab-and-go breakfast. Add fresh fruit, nuts, coconut flakes, or anything from your spice rack.

Homemade Granola Parfait

Homemade granola in a mason jar on rustic background.

Of course, you’ll need granola—this maple-pecan granola recipe is quick and scrumptious. Make sure you have plain or vanilla yogurt, fruit (try diced apples for a taste of autumn), nuts or seeds, and a little sweetener such as honey. Layer the ingredients in a Mason jar and off you go! Trust me, it’s like eating pie for breakfast—waist-friendly pie, that is.

Pick a Smoothie

Possibly the most customizable morning meal is a smoothie. You’ll never get bored with so many inspiring recipes to choose from.  A powerful blender will save you precious minutes chopping ingredients and will yield a smooth, slurpable breakfast.   

Speedy Egg Scramble

Forget about fussing with the stove to make eggs. Instead, lightly beat two eggs in a Mason jar. Next, stir in a handful of chopped spinach (or any veggie) and shredded cheese. Place the Mason jar, lid removed, in the microwave on high for 30 seconds. Stir and nuke it again once or twice. You’ll end up with a yummy, savory scramble.  Save time by combining the ingredients together the night before and storing in the fridge.

Convenient Chia Pudding

Healthy breakfast with chia seeds pudding, granola, fruits and berries in mason jar

In a Mason jar, add ¼ cup of supernutritious chia seeds to a cup of milk and let soak overnight. By morning, the mixture will thicken considerably, and you won’t believe the rich, decadent taste. A touch of maple syrup, vanilla, or cocoa powder takes it to another level, with your healthy-eating goals still intact. Go, you!

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