9 Ways to Spike Coffee

September 28, 2016

9 Ways to Spike Coffee

What’s more satisfying than a cup of coffee? Coffee and booze! Check out these spiked coffee pairings that are perfect for your tailgate party, after-dinner nightcap, or afternoon brunch. Pour one shot of liquor into every six ounces of brewed coffee.

1. Coffee With Irish Whiskey

A classic crowd-pleaser, customize this drink by using your favorite coffee blend and preferred sweetener. For an authentic look, serve in Irish-coffee mugs, topped with fresh whipped cream.

2. Hazelnut Coffee With Frangelico and Chocolate Liqueur

Hazelnut on hazelnut on chocolate … you know you want it! If you’ve ever dreamt of drinking warm, liquid Nutella, consider your fantasy fulfilled.

3. Chicory Coffee With Bourbon

Inspired by a café au lait, the bitter flavor of chicory coffee pairs deliciously with sweet, Southern bourbon. Add cream instead of milk for more richness. Enjoy with sour cream donuts and you’ll be transported to New Orleans’ French Quarter.

4. Colombian Coffee With Patrón XO Café and Tia Maria

Dark-roast coffee meets premium, coffee-flavored tequila and flavors of Jamaican rum and vanilla. It’s a vacation and a party in a cup!

5. French Roast Coffee With Grand Marnier

Inspired by Parisian flavors, the orange liqueur is an elegant complement to rich and nutty French Roast coffee. It’s extra indulgent when topped with a dollop of unsweetened whipped cream. Make sure you choose a French-inspired coffee mug.

6. Espresso With Sambuca 

Italians use this concoction called caffè corretto, which literally means “corrected coffee,” as a hangover cure. Rich espresso and the anise-flavored liqueur will certainly wake you up. If anise isn’t your thing, swap grappa—a grape-based brandy—for the Sambuca.

7. Caramel Latte With Spiced Rum

This sweet and lightly spiced combo tastes like glazed rum cake in a mug. Serve with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top and this Cinnamon Chocolate Swirl Coffee Cake.

8. Café Mocha With Bailey’s Irish Cream 

Balance the intense sweetness of café mocha by adding cool, creamy Bailey’s. Feeling adventurous? Throw the ingredients into a blender and add ice for an instant spiked-coffee smoothie.

9. Vanilla Latte With Vodka and Kahlua

You may prefer this riff on the classic White Russian cocktail even more than the original. Try it on the rocks to satisfy a serious iced-coffee craving.



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