These Activities Won’t Let You Put Off Exercise

September 02, 2016

These Activities Won’t Let You Put Off Exercise

How many times have you spoken these words? I really should exercise today, but I’ve got so much to do. Guess I’ll exercise tomorrow. 

The next day, the same thing happens.

Exercise is often moved to the end of people’s to-do lists. Working out may not feel as pressing as shopping for groceries or as fun as watching a favorite TV program (and there’s always time for that!).

However, if you think of exercise in nontraditional terms (I call it “exercise in disguise”), and take up an activity that requires frequent and timely attention, you’ll automatically become more active. It’s worked for me. It could work for you too. 

Take Care of a Pet


I have horses, and their daily care and maintenance guarantees that I have to get outside, walk around, squat and lift hay bales. It’s a workout. But the key is that I have to do it. When animals are waiting to be fed, you can’t say, “Sorry, I just can’t fit you in today.” Once I’m outside and moving around, I feel great. Dogs also have the same effect, although some breeds need more exercise than others. It’s hard to say “No” to a dog that excitedly brings you its leash and wants to go for a walk. You can even wear an activity tracker to chart your steps.

Start Stargazing


The heavens won’t wait on anyone. If I want to observe the beauty of a meteor shower, lunar eclipse, or planets orbiting in an interesting way, I have to get up, get out, carry my telescope, and hike to a suitable observation location. There’s nothing sedentary about it. And I have to get moving on nature’s timetable, not my own. That’s a good thing because I can’t use excuses. I either put in the effort at the right time or I’ll miss out.

Get Into Gardening


This is another physical hobby with a specific time window. Planting seeds, pulling weeds, and harvesting fruits and veggies all need to happen when they’re ready—not when you’re ready. You’ll have no choice but to fit in your “exercise in disguise,” and you’ll enjoy fresh produce from your own garden afterward. What’s better than that?

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